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House bill H.R.220, short-titled the “Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2007,” introduced by Rep. Ron Paul. IMPORTANT!!

This Bill purportedly would:

reduce identity theft by prohibiting the use of a Social Security number for any purpose other than for specified Social Security and tax purposes;
prohibit the federal government from establishing a national ID or uniform identifier system; and
prevent federal agencies from using federal grants, contracts, or funding (the carrot and stick strategy) to compel or blackmail states into adopting uniform ID standards that would create a de facto national ID system.
The establishing of a national ID card has far-reaching ramifications, with the draconian potential that someday every citizen might be required to use a trackable national ID card in order maintain a livelihood or function in society. Furthermore, the REAL ID rebellion among the states over federal requirements to make state driver's licenses serve as a national ID card demands the fullest possible debate in Congress on the entire range of legislative options, including the plan of H.R.220. This bill should not be swept under the rug by a committee.
A link to take action on this bill: http://capwiz.com/jbs/issues/alert/?alertid=11379986&type=CO

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done in indiana

just a quick note for indiana people: i have been e-mailing (NOT) my man mitch danials office and have received an e-mail back proudly boasting that indiana will be the second state to fully comply. so- not only did his office disagree with me, they spit in my face as well. i sent another e-mail asking why he was putting the citizens of indianas safety at risk AND not following the indiana constituition. no reply to that one for more than 4 weeks now.


My Congressman was one that walked out

of Congress when the speaker wouldn't bring the FISA bill up for a vote. (The Protect America Act-illegal wiretapping) Probably your congressman did, too! Traitors!!

Please Take Action on This!

It is an easy way to contact your Congressman.