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I generally do not make posts such as these, but I felt that it might encourage some provocative conversation and critical thinking here at the Daily Paul, which I think is always a good thing in the pursuit and practice of liberty (contrary to the opinions of many disinfo trolls).

My question is this: The federal government website, thomas.loc.gov, which, as I understand it, catalogs or indexes all items in the Congressional record (speeches, legislation, etc.) for accessibility on the internet--among other websites, such as http://www.govtrack.us/--unlike the vast majority of other websites in my experience (such as, say, Digg or the Daily Paul), is not indexed on search engines such as Google. Can someone comment on why this is so and if there is a legitimate reason that one cannot use google to search the Congressional record?

I would think that it would be highly beneficial to access all items in the Congressional record through a widely popular search engine such as Google. Thanks.

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What would you do?

Has anyone else gave this any thought? I find thomas.loc.gov to be not especially user-friendly--yet a rich set of the speeches, votes, and legislation introduced and/or sponsored by Ron Paul in the House of Representatives--and the volumes of extra-constitutional legislation and framed-up arguments offered by Dr. Paul's colleagues in the House and Senate.

I'd appreciate your comments.

While you're at it, don't forget what a valuable resource that a website like ronpaullibrary.org is.

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