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Best RP Articles Yet from MSNBC (Tom Curry)

Two articles regarding Ron Paul supporters and Iowa:



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I think this is the first MSM article about Ron Paul that doesn't contain a single put-down, sly inference or dismissive remark. I just hope Tom Curry doesn't get fired when his bosses discover his lack of bias.

I particularly like this

I particularly like this quote:

“From what I see, Ron Paul is DOING MUCH BETTER THAN his better-known opponents think he is doing. He is at that stage of the Dean campaign when all the other campaigns are laughing at him and have no idea of HOW STRONG HE REALLY IS.” [emphasis mine]

And who said this?
Joe Trippi, a 25-year veteran of Iowa caucus politics who served as Howard Dean’s campaign manager in 2003 and who’s now a top aide to Edwards, said.

Not bad! :-) Maybe some Edwards supporters will see that and look into Ron Paul further!

(from the first article, Ron Paul's Iowa dreams becoming more real
at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21516892/page/2/ )

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its noticeable ..

that WE know how big a contingent WE are ....and it seems it's becoming hard to hide it. There will be a point at which the dam breaks and it looks to be coming ...

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The tipping point is nigh...

The tipping point is nigh...

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The tide IS TURNING!

I have a feeling we're due for a LOT MORE positive articles in the not-so-distant future!

These were fantastic, but I believe the BEST is yet to come...!


Fantastic articles - send those out to Iowa pastors and Christns

You know, an actual straightforward unbiased article without all the bogus poll numbers and insults about supporters and "can't win" pronounceents and one almost faints with joy.

Drew Ivers comments about the globalists shows he "gets it" - that it's the CFR / one world corporatocracy we should be focused on and not the bogeymen / phony Islamofiascism they brainwash people with. I love the pastor event where the one pastor who was for Hucksterbee / Bush is ashamed of himself now and is leaning Paul. These links will be going out to my Christian email list. Someone should just mail these to Iowa pastors

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Listen to lectures on the Constitution by David Whitney at www.radioliberty.com

Keep this up


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Show Curry some appreciation

Note that on the page of each article is a little box with a link to send email to Tom Curry. Reporters who do a great job and go out of their way to be fair should get some appreciation.

These are great!

I've e-mailed them to all my friends and family :)

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Well researched, honest, and accurate reporting

Wow! Those are two excellent articles. This guy did his homework, was careful to be accurate about Paul's views, and gave the good and the bad about his chances as the reporter sincerely saw it. This is what journalism is supposed to be at its best. I'm going to remember Tom Curry's name.

Pleasantly surprised

Whenever I see a forum headline like "best RP article yet" or "great article on RP" I assume that the poster was looking at another pile of cr@p through rose-colored glasses.

This article was actually very positive. I'm shocked.

Great Story

Great reporting, really gets across the sense of wonder at the Ron Paul movement, how unprecedented it is. I love how amazed Ron Paul is by the success of his own message.

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--George Washington.

"I love how amazed Ron Paul

"I love how amazed Ron Paul is by the success of his own message...."

and how he points out very clearly that it is not about HIM, but about THE MESSAGE.

If people really read these articles carefully, they would have to be impressed enough by his humility combined with confidence...to want to know more.

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Wow, really great articles

It is so great to read something positive, be sure to rate the articles high.

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You can't suppress the truth forever....

Ron Paul said it perfectly: I've been speaking on these same issues for a long, long time.....but now people are starting to appreciate what I'm saying. Thank you young people and Thank you internet!!!!!! The 2 party system is dead. My old grey haired generation has let this scam go on for too long. (but we really haven't had much of a way to change it until now) It's a shame Ron Paul has to play this game by "their" rules, but you can't change everything at once. I repeat: their is no real difference between Republican and Democrats. It's like watching 2 wrestlers go after each other in a match. You'ld think they really hated each other. After the show is over, they get on the same bus and divide the gate receipts and drive on to the next town of "supporters". Go Ron Paul, let's shake things up!

alan laney