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Bush tells the truth, but let them fight it out!!

In this article, Bush said he was not thinking of Obama when he said we should not talk with our enemies. I think he was telling the truth, but would not dare say the name he really had in mind. I know Dr. Paul is on everyone's mind big time. I am more than content to let Bush/McCain and Obama fight this one out. That is great for us.


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Hasn't anyone in their right mind...

not realized that BUSH cannot think for himself? I find it offensive to think that anyone on this planet believes Bush has had his head on straight over the past 8 years. He is the number one loser of the American culture, and the American citizens. I must admit I voted for this twit when he ran on a humble foreign policy, limited government, less taxes, the same as Ron Paul is doing now, but that was before I found out Bush Jr. and his family (G.W. Senior), and buddies (Cheney-Haliburton) were in it for making money off of us tax paying patriots/citizens from the war machine they created. A war that was planned, and planned for the sole purpose of making them rich. As an ex-military member I believe this with all my heart, and know this to be true.
I believe the Bush Administration and all the neo- cons need to be held for treason for all the war crimes, and mis-appropriations in funding that have been done over the course of the past 8 years. We the People deserve, and will demand better, this corruption must stop, and stop today.

A friend of mine drew a

A friend of mine drew a great cartoon, with Bush as a hand-puppet, controlled by Rove, who was a hand-puppet controlled by Cheney, who was a hand-puppet controlled by Rumsfeld, who was a hand-puppet controlled by Rupert Murdoch, who was a hand-puppet controlled by Satan. I would say it was all pretty accurate.

Two words come to mind...

I Agree....

Who does Bush think appeased

Who does Bush think appeased Saddam Hussien, Osama Bin Laden, Manuel Noriega, etc..? I know, the same crowd that him and Mcrook hang out with...

Do these people know

how bad they are for the country, or are they sincere in the way they govern? I think Dr. Paul thinks they are sincere. He always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Does evil know it is evil. Sometimes maybe, sometimes perhaps not.

Bush says he was talking

Bush says he was talking about Jimmy Carter. (naturally ha).

So arrogant of Obama to insert himself into Bush's comment.

Just remember

Any peace maker in this is the enemy...even Obama...that is if you ask Bush or any of his clonies, I am far from an Obama fan, but anyone who speaks against Isreal is the bad guy, the sad thing is the Isreal spoken of in the bible is not the same Isreal we have prompted up for all these years to be the holy land or the name of such related to the Bible.


I didn't hear him say Jimmy Carter. So Rice and Bush are having a little problem, huh. Surprise, surprise.

Drudge has/had up a link to

Drudge has/had up a link to Bush saying he was talking about Jimmy.

add--Carter just met with

add--Carter just met with Hamas...but come to think of it...

maybe Bush meant Condylezza Rice...she had a major hand in Hamas being elected...along with Carter.