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Tonight Show - Last Night!

Ron Paul was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno October 30, 2007 - Last night.

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GMA too this morning?

I had heard he was supposed to be on Good Morning America this morning too? Correct? If so I missed it. Anybody got any links?

Ratings For RP's Appearance on The Tonight Show?

Does any one know how/where to get the overnight ratings for the Tonight Show?

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I'm still pumped about it

lol ... woo hooo

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Guys i am new to this site and like paul in many aspects to the point of donations but i logged on to the msnbc site and under the candidates and issues matrix. Under ron paul and energy it says he voted to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other sensitive areas. I am no tree hugger but the way we are destroying this world i do have a concern about it. Please i am not bashing i just would like to get clear where he stands on this, thanks for any help.

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I would hope that he IS for drilling in ANWR. As a life-long Alaskan who has actually been to ANWR, I can assure everyone here that there is plenty of room for wildlife and oil drilling to co-exist. Modern drilling techniques leave such a small foot print that the surrounding land and wildlife would not be affected in any noticeable way. Drilling for oil in America is a good way to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
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Private property is the answer

When land is owned by the federal government, any use violates the sensibilities of a large number of taxpayers. Further, the government is never held liable for the damage it causes, because it of sovereign immunity.

A Paul administration might well sell the reserve (which is absolutely gigantic and needn't ALL be kept free of drilling to continue to be great for wildlife) in order to help pay old people their Social Security while allowing the young to opt out. Environmental groups may fundraise to acquire the reserves (as does Ducks Unlimited and the Audobon Society), and under that control, will then decide to what extent they'll allow limited drilling while maintaining the goal of preservation of the organization. Obviously, if there is an EXTRAORDINARY benefit in terms of the oil, it will be worth the while of an oil company to acquire it, yet even they don't want lousy publicity (especially since they will no longer have a government buddy to subsidize and protect them), and will undoubtedly do what they can to work with environmental organizations for the greenest solution. But don't assume they'll win: if the benefits are limited and the damage great, the market winner will be the environmental groups.

Keep in mind that oil drilling ANYWHERE isn't an especially appealing thought, and when the wealth of the world permits it, people will be more willing to make the sacrifices necessary to do away with it as a fuel source. Of course, alternatives, whether nuclear or fuel cells or something else that is non-polluting, will become more viable since the Paul administration will remove the limitations on private lawsuits against polluters.

It's Not Ideal

Well, drilling is not ideal. It is too bad that it has to be a possibility. But, what are the alternatives? Empire building and wars to ensure an oil supply from the middle east? That's certainly not the answer. We need oil. Think about everything that you have that is made from it. If we are going to become less dependent on middle eastern oil, we need to locate our own supplies. That is why drilling in the Arctic is important.
We need to look into the environmental impact. I truly believe it can be done with minimal impact on the wildlife there. I love the outdoors and nature but I am not unrealistic. I spend my free time camping and hiking and kayaking in every wild place I can. But oil is not just for "gas guzzling SUVs." Think of all of the plastic that we use for everything. That has to come from somewhere until we know how to make it from something else.
Even more reason to get hemp growing legalized.
Take care and pray for Ron Paul.
Laura Hatton


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which is better... drilling there... or tearing a hole in our environment with unending, fossil fuel burning wars to protect oil in the middle east...

you decide.... :)

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whats wrong with drilling

whats wrong with drilling for oil up there?/ shoulda done it along time ago.. oil wouldn't be as high in price as it is!

there's another thread for energy and the environment

I contributed to it, because stripmining is something I am passionately opposed to and have seen accelerate since Bush's first term. it would be great if we could get some lively conversation there and have more threads that stick to a particular issue. it helps people and especially those new to the site become more familiar with Ron Paul's take on the issues.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Gotta disagree

Strip mining has been good for Eastern Kentucky, at least since they've been reclaiming the stripped-off mountains. It's created a lot of land for housing and hunting, and there's even talk of getting some horse farms started up at this end of the state. My house is in a valley surrounded by stripped-off mountains, and I've seen firsthand the benefits of reclamation for my community.

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Eleven Million!

This was the best ad anyone could have for the candidacy... you figure 11 Million people watch this show....

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You’re right Jane

You’re right Jane, huge. And it went well to boot…


This interview is going to do a lot of good.

November is TV "Sweeps" Month

I just realized that November is TV sweeps month, when the TV shows vie for ratings to set their advertising rates. This is the month when they do stunt casting and put on their best shows to try and increase ratings.

I think they wanted Ron Paul for his (young) audience! Can you imagine that? We're a ratings-getter! Yay!


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Tom Cruise and Jonny Rotten

This from FMNN News:

"Ron Paul Appearance on Tonight Show a Success?"



- Jonny Rotten of the Sex Pistols had a shout out to Ron Paul while on stage. After the show he told Ron it was an honor to meet him.

- Tom Cruise came by the dressing room and talked for about 10 minutes about legislation and came across very supportive.



Instead of..

Instead of what Fox did, which was to have Rick Perry on, endorsing someone else...same show as Ron, then throwing it in his face, while Leno had Paul-friendly people on hand. Very nice.

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Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
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Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
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The appearance on Leno was the coolest thing I can remember in a long time. I stayed up late to watch it, and wound up oversleeping this morning and was late to work! I have directv and don't get the NBC station about 60 miles away. I had to put up a make-shift antenna outside to pick it up. It was worth it!

What to do?

I think Bootoil might be a troll. I don't want to post on his/her thread and bump it up. What should we do? Just ignore them? Call them out on other posts?
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Only call them out, if it hasn't already been done.
Otherwise do your best to ignore it / comment on other threads that are positive and below it. etc. If you are going to call them out, check the 'home page' and if its getting near the bottom of the list - refrain. And when the [troll] bumps it up again, or someone who isn't exactly observant does - then post.

These people are a menace. And measures are being put in place to rectify the situation - just take solace that to most of us, it becomes obvious pretty quickly who the trolls are. =D (intelligence) something these guys lack.. so don't feel down, they are here - feel good that they are [we're a threat - and they know it] They choose not to support their own candidates [nothing to support] instead they try to bring our revolution down... But they fail, and they fail miserably... ONWARD we march to Washington...

See you at the inauguration..

I think.. There is alot of bashing of ideas on these blogs...

There is a lot of nasty sentiment around these blogs about people who speak their minds. Maybe it is time to accept the opinions of others and their points of view. I only subscribed to this blog (today) to make the comment that the goal of this campaign is to stand up for your own ideas and personal beliefs whether or not they may be the "popular" choice.

If Bootoil thinks that it was a little bit of a backhanded interview- it is of their opinion. To call someone out (as I have seen on other threads) because they have not been a subscriber for very long or to say that what they think is WRONG- those who do are no different than the other Republican candidates as snickered and smirked at RP for his statements in debates. His ideas are not conventional to those "conventional" Republican mainstream candidates- nor are Bootoil's comments in this blog.

Judge lest ye be judged.... What is the point of a blog if you cannot speak your mind, and not be criticized.


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you were busted guy...

As I mentioned in a previous post... I watched you edit out a comment that you made where you referenced a previous comment of yours prior to this identity having been a member...

I think I recognize a similar style... though getting more subtle... so ho about you answer my questions. You get an education or you earn respect around here by answering a few questions that have been addressed in almost all of RP's major speeches...

How about you tell me what year the Federal Reserve was implemented?

What year was the Income Tax setup?

What is the only law that matters in libertarianism?

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And also-

You are busted- "guy"

How do you know that I am not a female.


I am not the same person that posted the comment initially; however, I have been reading through because I know the poster- Bootoil.

Similar style- that is funny. I am just interested in the campaign and I heard about the blogs. I didnt realize that this was some sort of a "topper" contest. If you have aspirations of becoming a detective, please don't quit your day job.

My only point is that opinions are opinions. We are all entitled to our own.

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I watched you post a comment that said, "like I said earlier" refering to a comment from before your 27 minute old account and not your current account... :)

I refreshed the screen and you had edited it out to hide your misstep...

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don't quit your day job, dude. not the same person, I can guarantee that.

We should start recording the IP address

For these trolls, because in the future we might want to know who these people are. It will be easier to identify them by IP, because they register under different name in all the RP forums in order to be disruptive.