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My Grandfather's Campaign and Nov. 5

I have seen a major shift in the momentum of my grandfather’s campaign recently. It has certainly been amazing to watch as scores of people from around the country are made aware of a candidate who stands for honesty, integrity, and small government. It has been refreshing to see news articles from all around the country that are proof that people are beginning to wake up and notice the campaign. More importantly than noticing us, they have begun to cover us in the most unusual places: the mainstream media.

Most of the attention can be attributed the $5.2 million that was raised in the third quarter. That is a direct result of each and every supporter out there who works hard to sacrifice what money they can to give to the campaign. Most recently, I have heard about a one-day push to raise as much as $10 million. I have heard that it was spontaneous and not started by the campaign itself. That part is true; the campaign did not come up with this idea. It was hatched by supporters out there who want November 5th to be a day we look back on and say that was the day the nation woke up and began to pay attention to Ron Paul.

I wondered what was so important about November 5th. I have heard that it was because of the movie “V for Vendetta.” For whatever reason, it is a great idea and one that can truly not go unnoticed if even a fraction of this $10 million is raised We, the supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution, can each give $100 or as much as you can and we can force the nation to notice.

It has certainly been fun to watch this campaign take flight. When I first heard about his decision to run, I was skeptical. I think it was because I was worried about how he would be remembered. As a ten-term congressman, and a valiant warrior in the battle for liberty, I was scared that most people would ignore him and poke fun at his candidacy. I was just simply unaware of how badly the American people want their freedom back. It has been an awesome thing to attend rallies standing next to thousands of people who believe the same thing I do. I am confident that people are beginning to realize that this is not a fringe movement. This is a very large group of Americans who are standing up and saying, “Enough!”

Please join me on November 5, 2007 in giving $100 to my grandfather’s campaign. I know this could be a financial strain on many people to give this much money. Remember, however, that our dollar is in decline, we are fighting a war we cannot afford, and every other candidate is oblivious to these facts. Ron Paul is the only hope in the 2008 election to restore some sense of financial responsibility and defense of our individual rights to the federal government. If you don't give your dollar now, it might not be worth giving very soon.

Tune in to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, October 30, for what promises to be something out of my grandfather’s element but very good for our cause. Send Jay some flowers like some of our other supporters. I would love to be in the lobby at NBC as the flowers continue to roll in today. Keep the rEVOLution going strong. This campaign has given me a renewed faith in the American people and that there are more out there like me who think this is a necessary step in restoring our republic.

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Nice article Matt

This November 5th can be huge but we need the help of Ron Paul to take the message to the next level. We need all subscribers on Ron Pauls email list and Myspace to know about www.ThisNovember5th.com . There are 1000's of supporters who still don't know about this idea who would gladly donate.

Matt we need your help to take this to the next level. This is about a peaceful solution to our Ron Paul Revolution. =D

God Bless


Finally got round to

Finally got round to registering with daily paul. Greetings to Michael Nystrom and all supporters of Freedom and the very best wishes to the incredible Dr Paul and family. Thank God, cometh the hour cometh the man. Please believe in yourself as I have come to believe in you. You can do it. I have been watching from a small island in the middle of the Irish sea since pretty much the start of this campaign. How can we help (I already have the t shirts)? And to Dr Paul don't worry about any shortcomings and don't listen to any style advisors. Do your thing Dr Paul. I've seen a bit of life and thought I knew a thing or two. Thankyou for the continuing education.

ps listen to Dr Paul and have fun while you stand up against the darkness.

your uncle robert paul is in my meetup group

over here in fort worth texas.

i'm sure he'll be in sundance square in
downtown fort worth with us tomorrow night
as well.

of course he's a nice guy, but the guy is a
doctor & yet he's so passionate that he's
holding up ron paul signs in the middle of
downtown on a friday night with the rest of
the ron paul supporters.

your grandfather is the last hope for this country politically, period.

ron paul for president
Jesus Christ come soon.

Thanks for writing Matt

I enjoy your posts and its great to have a family member share their thoughts.

I learned of Ron in 2000. A friend of mine brought up the subject of politics with me and I told him that I was "typical" west coast liberal. He said I need information and help, and directed me to Lew Rockwell's web site.

I've been a fan ever since. God bless Lew & Burt, and all the contributing writers who have helped educate me on freedom and liberty. The success of the web site has been a major factor in introducing millions of people to Ron Paul. I tell people I've been attending Ron Paul College for 7 years. I try to read everything he writes, but can hardly keep up. Prolific author is an understatement.

Ron is my hero and I love him and Carol too. God bless the Paul family. What an honor to have Ron & your family represent the freedom movement in our country. We are all so proud of you.

It's been a couple of hundred years since the the concepts of freedom ignited a fire that couldn't be stopped. For our revolution to be successful, once again it must spring from the bottom up. Which is exactly what is occurring. Ron is the point man, messenger, and educator. But whether a plurality of voters choose liberty in the next election is not up to Ron. It's up to us.

I've maxed out my contributions which is a good thing, but is far from being the most important. The campaign largely suffers from name recognition. TV and radio expenditures won't solve this issue. Romney has already spent 60 million and has little to show for it.

Many of us here in the Bay Area have begun door to door canvasing. It's easy, huge fun, great exercise, extremely effective, and is FREE. Nearly everyone I talk to is receptive and looking for answers.

If 50,000 Meetup members knocked on 100 doors, we could reach 5 million households in one day. 50,000,000 in ten days of hard work. Nothing is more effective than one person talking face to face with their neighbors. Freedom & liberty is an easy product to sell, and many people are eager to buy.

If Ron Paul's supporters truly want their revolution, they are going to have to earn it. It will take much more than large sums of money. Ross Perot proved that.

There is simply no substitute for each of us talking to our neighbors.

It's time to hit the streets. And we need to do it now.

David Cameron

You know what gets me??

The fact that Dr. Paul has 4 brothers.... 3 of em with PHD's the fourth a minister..

He has 5 children... 3 of them are dr's too...

He has been married for FIFTY YEARS!!... to the same woman..


So, why... WHYare people like the media and the ministers and the people of FAITH... not in tune with these things??? or do they EVEN KNOW???

Jesus said.... my people die

Jesus said.... my people die because of lack of knowledge!

Your Grandfather Is My Grandfather

My grandfather was in politics, and served in the office of a county commissioner here in PA. He got, what I believe, to be the greatest compliment I have ever heard any man receive from another from my other grandfather - a life long Democrat:

"He was a Republican, but he was the only honest one I ever seen. He was a good man."

I didn't understand it for a while, until I saw the past three administrations, plus all the scandals in Washington. We as Republicans must demand better of our party.

Sir, your grandfather deserves the same compliment. I am absolutely heartened that for once we have a truly good and honest man running for the White House - and my vote is his.

Please accept my best wishes for you, your family, and your grandfather.

A True Hero

I first learned of your grandfather shortly after 9/11. I was on the path of leaving my idealistic liberal beliefs behind and finding out that [modern]conservative beliefs didn't fit me either when I came to find www.lewrockwell.com. I was an addict of the site within days. Some of the ideas expressed there were difficult for me to accept at first, but the more I read the more I realized how wrong so many of my old ideals were. It's tough to argue with simple concepts such as voluntary association .vs. coersive association and asking the government to "do something" necessarily means spending that which is not yours. Of course one of the many articulate voices I found there was your grandfather's. I've said his name to countless people over the years whenever I make a blanket statement deriding our rulers in Washington, I've always had to add "except for Ron Paul" or "the only decent one among them is Ron Paul". I've been a fan of his from the first time I read him.

I honestly never expected to care to vote in another political election in my life. The simple explanation was "the government always gets elected." Your grandfather is a potent antedote to that sentiment. Not only will I be voting (and in a primary no less), I'll be doing it proudly, and I have opened my wallet the same way so many others have done.

Who ever thought they'd have the chance to vote for a president with humility? Ron Paul says things like "I think the people are excited for the message--I'm just the messenger."

Who ever thought they'd have the chance to vote for a president with integrity? Ron Paul doesn't talk out both sides of his mouth. His voting record of decades is as close to an unwaivering match to his statements as to defy belief. Whether you agree with him or not, you at least know exactly what you're getting.

Who ever thought they'd have the chance to vote for a president that recognizes the government is privileged to exist only at the good graces of the people? Ron Paul never voted to raise Congressional [his] pay. Ron Paul returns a portion of his budget to the U.S. Treasury.

Who ever thought indeed.

My children are far too young to appreciate the uniqueness of these times. The day will come though when I will explain to them who your grandfather was. I honestly hope that explanation involves "44th President of the United States", but even if it does not it will certainly involve the subject line of this message. Your grandfather is a true hero. He is courageously standing up to speak his message--our message--so that it may be heard. I am in awe of his willingness to do this in the face of the establishment that he challenges with every word he speaks. Their derision, when present, seems to wash off him as water over the cliffs. And what he has already accomplished by inspiring this "revolution" is nothing short of amazing. Like you I have "renewed faith" that I never thought would be reawakened.

You, your family, and obviously Dr. Paul have my sincere thanks and appreciation for everything you are doing.

For Liberty!

- MattinGA

We're with your grand daddy

We're behind your grand daddy 100%. He'll get my $100.

Your Grandfather and Father


You guys must be so proud to have him. I pray for his safety and presidency everyday. I will not give up this fight and Im proud to support Dr. Paul.

Ive followed him since the debate in May where Rudy showed himself to be an idiot. I had done my own research and understood Dr. Paul to be correct in the blowback statement. I was floored that a candidate knew what was going on. An instant supporter was born.

Most people support him because of the Iraq war. Honestly, thats at the bottom of my list. Only because Im nervous of the blowback that might happen because of a pull out. My issues are civil liberties and the federal reserve. When the bankers who own the fed, profit from war, common sense dictates you will see more war. Eliminate the fed's grip on our country and we will be peaceful and prosporous because corruption in government would reduce drastically. Under no circumstance should we ever allow our liberty to be dismantled and taken away.

Ron Paul is the only man addressing those issues. If we dont get him elected we can kiss this country goodbye. I dont like being negative, but the 'writing is on the wall'. Ironic that we beat communism and we are but steps away from it.

I know that no matter what happens, Ill be able to look my beautiful daughter in the eyes and tell her that I tried to give her a bright future when the house of cards come crashing down.

Thanks so much and God Bless your family!

Mississippi Gulfcoast Meetup Organizer

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

For Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace

Can you announce the November 5th fund-raising drive to your 1 million men group? If each of them contributed even $10 each we would far exceed our goal. Thanks RP08

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there either. —U.G.Krishnamurti

For Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace

Can you announce the November 5th fund-raising drive to your 1 million men group? If each of them contributed even $10 each we would far exceed our goal. Thanks RP08

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there either. —U.G.Krishnamurti

Speaking of wanting our freedom back - Men have lost rights

I discovered your grandfather last spring when I learned that there is a major men's rights movement in the US that is being ignored by most Republicans who would otherwise be expected to defend us against the Democrats and their pandering to gender feminists at the federal level.

Now the unconstitutional federal VAWA law allows a woman to steal a man's house by living with him awhile and then claiming "abuse". The IMBRA law forces Americans to be background checked before being allowed to say "hello" to a foreigner on a dating site (and the law forces foreign women to sign paperwork before even being able to say hello to each American). A man in Indiana pulled a 14 year old girl by the arm to get her off a dangerous street, and even a sympathetic jury gave him only national sex offender status as punishment (he was lucky not to get life in jail). The Duke lacrosse players saved themselves only because they were lucky enough to have rich parents (and because the prosecutor got caught committing an evidence crime) and now the US Senate has authorized $430Million to go to gender feminist groups via the Commerce Justice & Science Appropriations Act where none of the earmarks are allowed to be debated or scrutinized.

The Constitution did not give Congress an enumerated power to deal with domestic violence issues and other issues of violence and crime, which are states rights issues. Allowing these feminist mafias to operate at the federal level as part of a bloated $430Million per year government department (OVW of the DOJ) is an outrage.

Dr. Paul, because of his anti-spending policies and respect for the Constitution, has around 1 Million supporters from the men's rights movement.

Please be careful of whom you hire at the top because our opponents have a strategy of stacking the deck so it doesn't matter whom Americans elect next November. Huckabee, for instance, has a director of policy who has no respect for men's rights.

God bless Dr. Paul and Family

Yes we have seen a major shift in momentum for the campaign but I believe we haven't seen anythng yet, things are about to go parabolic.

The Tonight show went great yesterday and I thought the Cruise movie clip was the perfect lead in. America and the media must admit the war was a mistake.

I had the pleasure of helping out with the banner and sound system at the Paul family walk rally in NH last month. Seeing all the kids there singing and the little ones playing under the stage (oops I hope no one gets in trouble) reminded me of our family business and get togethers over the years. I had a smile pasted on my face all day.

After feeling helpless for so many years, it's really great to be part of a movement that will change the world. We are going to give your grandfather and the country a fifth of November they won't soon forget. I'm in for at least another hundred.

Washington doesn't need more lawyers.
It needs a doctor!
Dr. Ron Paul *** RX for Freedom

I discovered your

I discovered your grandfather in 1988 when he ran and I voted for him then. How courageous he was, I thought, to stand and say the things that he did against such formidable opposition! And now, 20 years later, he has NEVER given ground! This astonishing warrior has paid his dues and is FINALLY being heard, thanks to the technology of the Internet. I remember being SO dismayed back then that he could not get his voice heard, and I have been living in a state of despair with every Presidential election since that time. I just could not BELIEVE that he could be squashed so thoroughly. But now....now WE can spread the word whether they want us to or not! Back then my despair came because I couldn't understand why there were so few of us. Why nobody cared. But it wasn't that at all. It was because they couldn't hear. They thought that nobody was speaking for them because they didn't get to hear his words, so they didn't bother to vote at all. Now that they hear, they are flocking to him in droves, and it makes my heart soar with each passing day, even inspiring me to build my own first web site, and SO many others that have heard are working toward their chance at a freedom that they have never experienced and thought would never have a chance at.

We are experiencing something that has never happened anywhere before in history, and what a remarkable thing it is. The money that the campaign is raising is a fine barometer and extremely helpful in that it enables the campaign to buy mainstream advertising and other things it needs, but it doesn't even take into account the thousands and thousands of folks like us who are out there spending our hours, efforts, and money on our own. I say that the things that Dr. Paul's supporters are doing is worth MILLIONS! Millions that no other candidate has. I am finally believing that your grandfather is right now, as I type, the actual front runner. The only reason it isn't recognized as such is because it is impossible to quantify the efforts of the thousands across the country who are giving him free advertising every single day and the resistance of the mainstream media to take an unbiased look at it. But I look. I see. Nobody else has his support. BESIDES the money. The EFFORT. If we can all hang together and work together to weather the attacks that will surely come as our campaign continues to grow, we shall watch something extraordinary take place. WE WILL CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA!! The Internet WILL elect the next President of the United States.

I am looking forward to being able to say that I watched the country turn around and I was a small part of the Ron Paul Revolution. That for 20 years I waited with Dr. Paul for the time to be right and I contributed, although in just a small way with thousands and ultimately millions of others to take our country back from the impending demise that so many other civilizations throughout history have experienced. That I watched from the beginning as a great leader fought and fought and never wavered and eventually won the day. A great hero who emerged to lead an entire country back from the brink of bankruptcy, disaster, and ultimately, collapse. Should we all of us prevail, we will help Dr. Paul leave a legacy that has no parallel since the signing of the Constitution.


This man Ron Paul...

Forget everything else you know about Ron Paul and ponder this for a minute.....

His Grandson isn't embarrassed to come out and say he's proud of his Grand Father.... His Son knows that he was a Great Father to have.... and almost all generations of his family are available to supporters to hear from....

How many other candidates can say that....sure we always hear from the Wife....but when do you hear from the Grandson????

And you just know it's because he really, truly cares for the people of the United States.

I feel like this man REALLY cares about my kids....truly....and as a Mother, I will do WHATEVER is needed to protect this man...because I care about him too!!!

God Bless the Paul Family...
Thank you for sharing your (Husband, Father, Grand Father, ect...)

And let's not forget your grandmother

I got to meet her (and one of the grandsons, coulda been you?!) in Orlando recently. She's even NICER than I imagined -- I got a hug the moment I spotted her. Then we had the greatest conversation, and later she signed my t-shirt sleeve. She's just the sweetest lady and I love her SO much! What a fantastic First Lady of the United States she'll be!!

mlpyeatt's picture

my brother

If you were in Orlando, that would have been my younger brother Mark. He has a little more flexibility with his schedule because he is in college and gets to attend all the great events that I would love to have the opportunity to attend. Too bad I have to work for a living, I guess!

Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt

Vets Day Drive????

A guy in my meet up was concerned about the link of Nov 5th to 17th century terrorism and brought up the idea that the date should be moved to the 11th but too late for that now.

ronpaul2008.com needs to set up their own one day fundraising drive on Nov. 11th for Vets Day. The Nov. 5th date is of course not officialy a campaign fundraising drive (which is a good idea due to the subversive nature of the Dates history and it could be spun in to some kind of pro terrorism garbage by the MSM)
I would love to see a graphic of a solidier (like the Gun Owners of America logo) to fill up with money for an OFFICIAL 1 day drive but they need to start advertising it now and provide a sign up sheet for people to pledge on that day. Maybe you could put in a word for us about the 11th.

Good Idea

Yes, a soldier on Veteran's Day would be good. Perhaps at the top, when filled, it lights up and says: "Thanks for helping us come home from Iraq." .............tell all that it has a message, whatever the message, when it meets the dollar goal. Just to add a little more fun.

Bob W., Naples, FL

To All the Paul Family

You all are always in my prayers. I sincerely believe God has Ron Paul running for President for a major reason and that is too see how many Americans believe in Freedom & Liberty.

And as you all are seeing right along with his supporters the American people are awakening and seeing to it that Dr. Paul is listened to and
re-igniting the Constitution and Bill of Right's of which are the heart
and soul of our GREAT country.

Again God be with all of you always !!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

The Greatest Dad

The Greatest Dad
On October 30th, 2007 RobertPaul says:
My father is working very hard and at times I feel bad, because I know he does this for me and my children and I am not doing enough. He makes me want to do more. I know we all are busy and we have to take care of our families, but when you get the chance to help our country, we must. We must do what we can in our neighborhoods and let my Dad lead us around the country. He was the Best Man in my wedding and he is the best man to help this country. My Dad is happy to talk to everyone and will continue to do his best. Remember he is doing this for all of us and take care of my Dad as he comes to your neighborhood. The entire Paul family knows this is important, but we miss him and Love him very much.
Robert Paul


Thanks for the info,it has also been an honor to be able to do sign waves with you (specially when we welcomed Fred Thompson to the FT Worth Zoo) I will do what I can to try to make it up to the UNT campus for your speech/talk. Thanks for doing this.

For those that don't know, Robert has been doing something he really isn't comfortable with, he has been going to several Republican clubs around the Ft. Worth area and being there guest speaker. The local Meetups have been helping him by showing up and giving moral support. We are discovering there may be more support than we realize out there. Most just don't think he can win the Primaries. WE MUST PROVE THEM WRONG. By doing our sign waves, donating money, and showing up at rallies, we are showing the GOP he can and will beat Hillary.

I was at a birthday party Sunday with my son, I was talking to another father who noticed my RP08 pin, he then said he had donated just this last week to the campaign, he felt Ron Paul was the ONLY Republican candidate that had a chance against Hillary.

Then tonight, one of my delivery drivers reported a sign in front of a house in my delivery area. I do not know anyone else from this area involved in the Meetups from Carrollton. THIS REALLY GOT ME EXCITED.

Robert Paul

He makes us all want to do more which is why we love him and can only accept him as our new Prez. It must make you awful proud to see thousands upon thousands cheer for him all over the country. He is changing America. Fight on!

We all know he is working his tail off in every way and hope he is having some fun along the way.

Bob W., Naples, FL


I'll be in Philly on Nov 10th to help give him the warmest welcome. What he is doing is not easy. One thing.. Have faith that God is taking care of him. Rest assured. There are many praying for his health and well being.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Great to hear from you, Matt

Thanks for the update! I'll be donating at least $100 on the 5th! Can't wait to watch the show.


How'd you like to come to Seattle?

We're hosting a rally on November 10th while your Grandfather is in Philadelphia. We sure could use someone like you to rally the troops.

Any chance?

mlpyeatt's picture

would love to...

I would love to visit Seattle again. It has been since 1988 when the Libertarian National Convention was held there that I had a chance to attend. I remember the weather being beautiful. (yes, the weather was wonderful and we had zero rain, believe it or not) However, I am an assistant principal at a local high school in Texas and I have a nine month old son. For these reasons, I fear I will not be able to attend. Thank you so much for the invite! I wish you and your rally the VERY best.

Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt

Grandson, Matt

Thanks for your inspiring words. I haven't seen your posts here in a long time......maybe just missed them.

As for the Tonight Show, I think your dad will have the time of his life and he deserves a break from the regular. Tom Cruise and Jay will be mere mortals when in the presence of your grandfather. By the time the show closes, they will know who the star of America really is.....and he has two first names.

As for watching tonight, you bet we will....the whole world will! And I'm sure Ron will do us proud.

As for November 5th, yes, get ready for a new record in campaign fundraising. Step aside so-called first tier, there's a new sheriff in town.

Bob W., Naples, FL

November the 5th estimate?

I think we're all very excited about November 5th. I think about 13,000 people are subscribed to that website and about 160,000 or so have visited the site. We would have to assume that all those who are donating are not subscribers to the site and that many people will be donating more than the suggested $100. I was just wondering what people thought might be an estimate of how much the campaign will actually bring in. I mean even 1 million in a day is great, but I think there will be more. Any guesstimates from anyone? Mathematicians? Statisticians?

My estimate

With three days to go there are over 15000 signees for thisNovember5th. So maybe the Nov 5 number will be 17000. There might be about 5-10% who don't want to submit their email address so bring that total to about 18000.
I suspect that the average contribution will be around $150 as the participants are very excited about this historic event. (I, personally, will be giving $400). The ronpaulmoneybomb has raised 30K in their previous two bombs, so I think we are looking at about $2,730,000.00 on Nov. 5th! I think that will definitely get some peoples attention!
Everyone... please max your donation on Nov 5th! Better yet, double your donation... get someone new to donate.

Bring back the America I love,
Restore respect for the Constitution,
Vote for Ron Paul for President.

"The purpose of all political action should be the protection of liberty ."
-- Ron Paul


There are too many unknown and assumptions. I think we will do fine, since this money bomb has been out there for a while. Even a million is great.

Looking beyond the next nine years.

I wonder which son or grand-son should run for V.P.?
It would be nice to have another person,with R.P. beliefs waiting in the wings, so that this country does not go back to the current mess after Mr Paul serves his two terms!!

God bless to all.

GO ,RON, GO!!!!!