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Revolutionizing the GOP already underway!

"Twenty-year-old Rebecca Townsend is good at shattering political stereotypes.

The University of Arizona senior is vehemently against the war in Iraq. And if you get her started about how she thinks the Bush administration has trampled the Constitution, you'll get an earful.

However, she's also a Republican, and a proud one at that.

Her involvement in the party isn't passive. She serves as a local precinct committeewoman, a good spot for up-and-coming party activists."

"... Paul supporters say their efforts are reinvigorating a "dying" party. If more Republicans adopted Paul's platform, the GOP might see a return to its true values, they contend."

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Thank You Rebecca

The Republican Party does indeed need salvation. You and others new to the political scene are not alone. In 1999 during the Republican primaries I felt like a lone voice warning other Republicans against the G.W. Bush nomination. Nothing good can come from aristocracy. Take a look at Lindsey Graham he is another legacy whose daddy gifted his son with undeserved power. Oh yeah next time you hear ole Lindsey complaining about our military being too small he can blame his father for a little thing called the Graham-Rudman Act.

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ch ch ch ch ...

Changes... Good article. The "old boy" network had better heed WE.

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