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Good news! Letter accepted.

I wrote the following letter to the editor which was accepted for publication in the Friday Nov 2 edition of the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.

I greatly appreciate the coverage of the presidential candidates
in the Oct 29 edition of the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. Brandon
Quester reported a fair, balanced, and accurate story of both
candidates, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter, who both came to
Cheyenne on Sunday, Oct 28. Thank you, Brandon!

May I point out a few of the differences, however, in the way
these two candidates were received by the people in Cheyenne?

First, Ron Paul attracted a crowd of 300-400 enthusiastic supporters
who cheered, waved signs, and applauded to the main points of
Ron Paul's speech in public rally, which was organized through a
grassroots effort; Duncan Hunter had no rally, no public speech.

Second, at the Plains Hotel, Ron Paul's fundraiser was attended by
about 100 supporters; Duncan Hunter's fundraiser was attended by
about a dozen supporters.

Finally, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter both spoke to the Laramie
County Republican Party before a straw poll. Ron Paul won with
49 votes to Duncan Hunter's 15 votes.

In conclusion, Ron Paul's message for restoring the constitution,
defending individual liberty, limiting the size and scope of the federal
government, and ending the occupation of Iraq is very popular, and
his campaign is gaining great momentum around the nation and in
Wyoming. Duncan Hunter would make a great Secretary of the
Defense; Ron Paul would make a great President!

Cheyenne Cheered for Ron Paul

The rally for Ron Paul in Cheyenne had 300-400 enthusiastic supporters who cheered, applauded, and waved signs. His speech was excellent, and you can see the clips here:

Also, Ron Paul won the straw poll of Laramie County Republican Party in Cheyenne later that evening.

Ron Paul 49
Thompson 25
Hunter 15
Romney 14