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Congressman Ron Paul for United States President


"The Republican Party has floundered in its effort to shrink the size of government and restore our constitutional republic.

Instead, in recent years our deficits have exploded, entitlements are out of control, and our personal liberties are threatened. We have embarked on a dangerous and expensive foreign policy, acting as the world's policeman and nation builder."

Spending the day watching and listening to Ron Paul speak in various videos, this is one of the best I have seen at clearly and concisely getting Ron Paul's overall message out in a short video clip. Unfortunately, since it was made quite some time ago, for his Presidential Exploratory Committee, this video may have been forgotten or seen as no longer relevant in the campaign. But, it is probably more relevant now than ever before as both Republicans and Democrats struggle with the thought of voting for John McCain, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama.

As such, I went ahead and uploaded it to Youtube, with a much better title, part of the transcript, and some good Election 2008 keywords, to help better inform people who Ron Paul is and what he is standing for.

Watch it again, vote for it, comment, add it to your favorites and share it with friends and family. Regardless of how someone is going to vote, every American should watch this video.

Copy of the transcript:


Learn why Ron Paul is running for President!

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Anyone know where I could

Anyone know where I could get the original of this video to edit out the irrelevant beginning and ending comments (out of date) and post a very high quality on youtube?

Even the one at ronpaul2008.com is hosted at youtube and therefore low quality.


Pass it on to anyone that does not know much about Ron Paul.

Thanks, I bookmarked it

after hearing Dr. Paul's speech tonight wow, we need the transcript to that one. It is timely and I think he is telling us we are running out of time. Peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Now in High Quality

I was having trouble getting this one to upload with a High Quality link at Youtube, but my friend was able to do it. And, while it's still not as nice as I would like, he's got it up. The important thing, is Ron Paul's message. This is why Ron Paul is running for President in his own words:


The link in the above post is updated too.

Ron Paul for President.

Thanks for this. Bookmarked and rated.