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* * ALERT - TX Supreme Court helped with FLDS raid from the outset!!! Outrageous * *

Texas Supreme Court is Compromised...Read Why

* * *

Analysis & Commentary:

Composed of the Chief Justice and eight Justices, the Supreme Court of Texas is the court of last resort for civil matters in the State of Texas. The justices are elected to six-year staggered terms.

The State of Texas/CPS has filed a writ of mandamus with the court. The writ asks the court to over-rule the 3rd District Court of Appeals–which ordered Judge Walthers to void her original order. Walthers’ order mandated state custody of 465 FLDS children.

Having lived in Texas provides personal insight into government actions. Suffice it to say, we chose to move from the state because of rampant government corruption-of which most people there could care less about. Nonetheless, while we were there, we helped to recall the mayor of Wichita Falls (remember Bill Altman?). Citizens did not stop there. After 25 years, the duo of corruption–the city manager and his female side kick were driven out too (but, not without taking hundreds of thousands from the public cofers in separation packages). In addition, we helped expose a north Texas US Attorney General–he resigned. We helped expose the TX Youth Commission abuses–of which the corruption and sexual abuses are still rampant today. Just Google if you are interested. Finally, the town’s newspaper editor was turned out…just as we were on our way out of town. It was a grand day, seeing Wichita Falls in the rear view mirror.

Back to the court. I did some review of the Supreme Court’s web page.


At first glance, it looks benign. Then, I noted on the court’s right hand side bar.

Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth & Families

Immediately, my heart sank just seeing this link. It stood alone–no other commissions were seen…not for juvenile, not for crimes…just this ‘Permanent’ CPS commission.

Read this ‘commission’s’ mission to the court:


''The Supreme Court of Texas
From Child Abuse & Neglect, to Safety, Permanency & Well-Being

“More than 20,000 Texas children are in foster care on any given day, and more than 6,000 children await adoption. No child enters or leaves foster care or the custody of the Department of Family and Protective Services without state judicial action. Courts play a pivotal role, with the Department, in protecting and serving this vulnerable and blameless population. For the Supreme Court and the judicial branch of Texas, achieving safety, permanency & well-being for these children is a moral, practical, legal, and financial imperative. The Children’s Commission was created to strengthen Texas courts to achieve safety, permanency, and well being for abused and neglected children, through judicial leadership and collaboration, and with the support of the federal Court Improvement Program.”

* * *

Allow me to translate: this Supreme Court ‘commissions’ role is to further the objectives of the corrupt CPS and the lawless cohort family courts.

Now…let’s see who is on the commission: 17 members…some attorneys who created the dreadful family courts, some family court judges, family court lawyers (all feeding at the trough)…but guess who else:

* * *
Joyce James has been the Assistant Commissioner of Child Protective Services since 2004.

Kristi Jordan is the Governor’s Advisor for human services issues.

Carolyne Rodriguez opened the Austin field office for Casey Family Programs 20 years ago and became its first Division Director.

Judge Rucker was a longtime member of the Supreme Court Task Force on Foster Care, created in 1994.

Fairy Davenport Rutland is the Vice Chair of the State Bar Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. She has spent her entire 30-plus-years legal career working for the cause of child protection and advocacy.

Tina Amberboy was a solo practitioner representing children and parents involved with Child Protective Services.

Tiffany Roper came to the Supreme Court from the Center for Public Priorities where she was a child welfare policy analyst.

Teri Moran came to the Supreme Court from the Texas Center for the Judiciary where she helped manage the Court Improvement Program and Children’s Justice Act grants, and staffed the Supreme Court Task Force on Foster Care.

* * *

This document, from their page, entitled "Supreme Court Advisory" details how The Supreme Court has been helping the locals raid the FLDS families.


The Vice Chair of this court's Commission, Judge Specia, was sent to San Angelo to facilitate the FLDS status hearings. He was over there facilitating a process wherein the retention of the children was based on a “cattle call” adversary hearing providing no meaningful opportunity for individual families to be heard. In other words, he is facilitating the very kind of flawed process the Commission is tasked to fix. The Supreme Court provided other FLDS 'services' too.

Therefore, The Texas Supreme Court, along with its “Permanent Judicial Committee for Children Youth and Families” has been ‘helping’ and coordinating the CPS and local Judges and attorney efforts from the outset of this military-style raid when the State of Texas took 465 children at gunpoint.

The Texas Supreme Court justices are challenged; thus, they should recuse themselves—or the FLDS attorneys should file writs to have them removed from the case altogether.

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As I have been telling you, this is the clay foot of the entire system. Expose the money trail. Judges and workers are profitting from these private agencies.
We need to do this county by county across this nation and expose, expose, expose!
I urge you all to think about this as a possibility to make changes in your county and state.
Bless you all,
As forwarded below.
Pass on to Texas citizens and family rights activists. The same district attorney (Juan Angel Guerra) who has indicted Dick Cheney in organized crime has decided that he wants to help CPS reform by indicting judges in his area who are participating in organized crime by being attached to CPS foster and adoption agencies. I spoke with him, personally, this morning.
By him prosecuting Dick Cheney for profiting off the torture of prisoners in the private prisons he was invested in and using his position to prevent investigation into abuse at the prison, he will be setting the bar for judges and other political officials all through the U.S.A.!
Juan Guerra is selfishly putting himself on the line for our families here! We need to support his efforts so that Dick Cheney's indictments do not get swept under the rug in Willacy County, Tx. He is going to organize a protest outside of the courthouse for December 1st, 2008 and I expect everyone to be there!
This is our knight in shining armor, people!
In order for the indictments on CPS judges to stick, this first case MUST BE WON!
Please contact everyone you know in Texas and get them to be there on December first! All protestors need to check in with Guerra's office by Saturday so they know what's going on! I know it's short notice; however, this is the case, people!
God Bless Juan Angel Guerra for his bravery and excellent character! Please contact Patience for further details at (909) 567-2067, or patalert@ymail.com. Also, all victims of CPS abuse in Texas are encouraged to contact Patience IMMEDIATELY so that Juan can begin indicting those judges RIGHT NOW! Thank you! Sincerely,C. Patience Summers(909) 567-2067patalert@ymail.comserenahsangels@yahoo.comhttp://serenahsangels.co.nr/
Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ 04:24:47 EST by jack check in BEFORE Saturday with serenas angels
By. C. Patience Summershttp://federaljack.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3058
We all know that Vice President Dick Cheney has been indicted on RICO Act charges in Texas, along with a slew of other public officials (to include Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales); however, most people do not understand the gravity of this case’s outcome on the Juvenile Court system for the entire United States of America. How is it possible that Child Protective Services reform has anything to do with Dick Cheney’s indictment for being invested in a privately run prison company that abused prisoners?
To answer that question, I bring to you the reason why C.P.S. (Child Protection Services) is running amok on American families: Juvenile Court Judges are financially tied to C.P.S. contracted charities. In layman’s terms, C.P.S. Judges are sitting on the boards of directors to foster and adoption agencies. They’re rendering false guilty verdicts because it puts more kids in their adoption agencies and that equates to more federal dollars in grants for their "charities." Essentially, Dick Cheney used his position to prevent an investigation into a company he was invested in much the same ways Juvenile Dependency Court judges use their positions to prevent fair trials, thus promoting their companies.
If these indictments get brushed under the rug in South Texas, it will make it that much more difficult for groups like Serenah’s Angels to begin forcing the indictments of countless of these profiteering judges and higher-ups in C.P.S.; however, if the indictments go through and there is a conviction, it will prove to be the reference case to many involved in the cleansing of the American Judicial System. If this case makes it, countless of American families will be saved from the horrors of being shredded by the system. It will possibly help put a law on the books which will prevent these atrocities from ever happening again: fair trials by all!
This reporter personally spoke with Juan Angel Guerra, Willacy County Texas District Attorney (the district attorney who is prosecuting Cheney and his cohorts) on the morning of November 25th, 2008. Initially, the contact was to simply offer support to Guerra in his brave stand against judicial corruption. Once Guerra heard of the situation with C.P.S., he immediately made the connection between the cases and requested of this reporter to send him the files she had on every Texas Juvenile Dependency Court judge so that he could review them and hopefully find justice for these families. His selfless reaction to others in need have earned this reporter’s respect.
Although it is an imperative precedence to be set for the future of the American judicial system, the case involving Cheney is in danger of being swept under the rug because he and his other celebrity accomplices are ominously high ranking officials and not many have the intestinal fortitude Guerra has. The president has declared war on terrorism so I declare war on judicial corruption today. I am calling for everyone in the movement to offer a helping hand to Guerra in his gallant effort to preserve the safety of Americans everywhere on December 1st, 2008 on the doorstep of the Willacy County Courthouse.
That’s right: everyone needs to get involved in this case to prevent special treatment of these celebrity mobsters. America needs this conviction. If enough attention is drawn to the situation, we may have a chance at having our judicial system’s checks and balances in check. We finally have a D.A. willing to take on Goliath and we need to support his efforts.
Victims of C.P.S. in the state of Texas are encouraged to contact Patience Summers at patalert@ymail.comas soon as they can to join in the investigation of these corrupted political officials. Other people wishing to help ensure the equal treatment in this important case are urged to immediately contact Patience at (909) 567-2067. Participants are urged to bring along their families and friends to show the growing unrest in the American populous with regards to judicial corruption.
Willacy County Courthouse
190 North Third Street
Raymondville , TX 78580
956 689-3393 Fax 956 689-6127
ARRAIGNMENT SCHEDULED - Cheney, Gonzalez Indicted in Texas Prison Case
DOJ Letter to Texas Rangers covering up pedophelia at the Texas Youth Commission


Thanks for this info

I hope this gentleman is successful at routing out the corruption. He is truly a young David confronting Goliath.

- -
Get your own "Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary" bumper sticker at


(primarily through CPS, but

(primarily through CPS, but also through law enforcement and the courts) haVE made a number of legal errors including:

•Insufficient investigation of the initial tip and tipster.
•Insufficient investigation at the ranch about who was in immediate danger.
•Treating the entire compound as one household, though there were 19 separate residences.
•Taking all children instead of just the post-pubescent girls who could have been subjected to the feared sexual abuse by older men.
•Insufficient evidence presented at the first hearing for the children.
•The hearing should have been for each individual child, not all in one hearing.
•Shifting burden of proof to parents to prove innocence, rather than having CPS prove guilt.

Amy Warr, an Austin appellate specialist who is working on a response to the state's request to the Supreme Court, said she got involved in the case because of how badly the state has handled it.

"The result is a lot of people did not get due process. As a lawyer and a mother I know the reason the Legislature set high standards before the state can take kids," Warr said. She said those standards were not met.

The lawyers complain that CPS was supposed to consider removing only children in immediate danger, not children who might grow up to abuse others. The lawyers said CPS was supposed to explore alternatives before removing any children. The appeals court made those same points.

Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the primary state agency involved, said Friday that the agency had no comment (Houston Chronicle).

can you guys help me out I have made a thread called

official FLDS thread can we start using it so all this info is in one thread it will keep people off our backs for all the diffrent threads. This issue means alot to me and I want it to be in one place. thanks

Well we can hopeprayer will help

We can only hope prayers will soften their hearts. Hate to think of those poor kids getting really messed up in those government homes. Sad; makes you want to just cry.

We can only hope.

Only Repentance, and Faith in the Atonement of Jesus The Lamb will Save our Beloved Constitution.

Try reading one verse before you start your car.

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Are you all bumping this, thinking it's safe now ?

I would lay low with these FLDS threads when all the 'flag first, ask questions later' is going on.

Besides, their about to release the children (or is it Adults? - depends on what time it is, i guess).

Are we to expect up-to-the-minute updates on the FLDS lawsuit against the Texas CPS all the way to the March, State Conventions, National dates and beyond ?

When does this subject "END"? Can we get a time table for the FLDS thread withdrawal from DP ?

Look, I feel for them, I really do. But their winning court battles and have a massive legal team, ok, so it's looking brighter for the families.

I just honestly wonder sometimes how much damage this non-stop posting about this has done to the campaign. Although there is a possibility it may have gained some Romney supporters (i do believe that), the constant BOMBARDMENT here pushes aside actual RP news,politics,McCain,delegates, the march, the wars,,, you know...actual "Presidential" stuff. It's counter-productive. This does not mean that "we" don't care about them. Thats a technicality.

Do this: go to www.dailypaul.com and browse through the MAIN pages to remind yourselves what this site is about. How many are about the FLDS situation ? Exactly.

I'm begging you 7 to take this somewhere else.

btw - yes i did. it's only a matter of time anyway, so you might want to save this.

...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution

I'm going to post this a few times so it has some chance to be..

read. Some life before its snuffed :

I Think You Have a Point….

Its clear you are capable of articulating it when you put forth the effort.
Why resort to the easy way out that is destructive and counterproductive to the principles of this Movement ?

In a free and open forum for the exchange of ideas there will be commotion. At times a passionate faction will clamor and drown out other views; they may succeed for a time at monopolizing the microphone. But if we love freedom should we not learn to resist the urge to give in to our baser instincts? In short tempered exasperation do we break out the clubs and seek to dominate by force and destruction ? What have we accomplished ? Is this how we EXERCISE free speech ?

The ‘take no prisoners’…’flag first ask questions later’ approach is brutal to communication, creativity and the freedom principles we profess.

You have a point and should make it with reason: The FLDS posts could stand some consolidation and organizing to facilitate the dissemination of the information and promote the reception to its advocacy.

Look. I had more to say… but it was lost when I attempted to post it to the walls of one of those evanescent sand castle threads which are being swept away by these storms trooping through this freedom forum.

Let me just ask : Don’t you think we need a bit more practice at this liberty, self-government, tolerance thing ?

Let’s EXERCISE to get ready. Let’s each try harder.


Ooooh, look, a threat! How cute!

Mr. Constipation: You are clearly compensating for lack of manliness I am certain. You think you are funny. But really you are very sad. A sad, pathetic little man.

The great thing is we can overwhelm you in an instant, so go ahead and make yourself feel important. Make yourself feel like a real man.

Spend your entire Memorial Day in your mother's basement "skeet shooting" as you call it. Those of us patriots on here will be back after we are done celebrating the holiday with our families (ever hear of those? you should get one, it would make you a much happier person) and post all of the pertinent information once again.

You can try all you want to silence truth, but you only come off looking like a major jerk.

I pity you.



`Men seldom, or rather never for a length of time, and deliberately, rebel against anything that does not deserve rebelling against.
- Thomas Carlyle
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great new ron Paul site

great new ron Paul site where you can post these issues..go to www.forums.libertylove.org

I believe it could be seen as,

I believe it could be seen as a direct conflict of interest? From what you say, this may have to go to the U.S. Supreme court, if they'll hear it. Do you know what historical case law they are leaning on?

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

And...hells bells... the

And...hells bells... the above I discovered on my own and wrote it up.

I don't even know if the FLDS attorney know of this.

I write for another blog, and another writer knows the FLDS ranch people, although he is not even FLDS. He said he told the ranch about the above.

However, media reports say (no real confirmation of it) that the Supreme Court is working on the case this weekend.

So...who knows what, if anything, can be done.

The attorney for FLDS could file writs to recuse the justices...but, I don't know if they will know in time.

I'll be very surprised if this conflicted SC upholds the appeals court's decision--since 1) the SC has this weird commission top heavy with CPS and 2) Since the SC's commission has helped the raid since the outset.

Is the SC going to find its own actions ---in error? Come on.

You need to contact the attorneys....

And I mean immediately!!! they need to know this...Some people think attorneys are brilliant, but most are not ...I had a client a while back, hire an attorney for a child custody issue....I planned , and gave the attorney every strategy that allowed my client to win...the attorney had no great ideas....contact them!!!!


being a good attorney is more about knowing the processes and the rules, than about stuff like this.

This should be brought to the attention of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, who are attorneys for the FLDS, email them or call them:
Contact: Cynthia Martinez, Communications Director


Just sent to attorneys

Yes, I just did some research.

I picked out key attorneys from the TX RLA who have been quoted in the media.

I sent to six of them.

Then, I sent it to Rod Parker, the big gun out of Utah too.

Finally, I sent to Martinez Comm. Director, as well.

That should do it.

ahh teamwork....feels good....

to know I'm not the only whack job that believes in liberty, freedom, and justice left alive in America...... :)

thanks you guys

you two are great patriots.


The appeal by the State of

The appeal by the State of Tx is on the web.

The issue as stated is: "did the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Austin err in its decision?"

Case law?---the brief, of course, makes it claims as to why the state believes the court was in error. It cites certain cases...to back up its claim.

Media has reported that the Supreme Court is already working on the case this weekend. However, nothing hard has come of that yet.

Knowing the corruption in

Knowing the corruption in TX, this is not surprising. Other blogs report 100's of attorneys working through week end with ACLU too. Wonder if they're looking into this?

I have faith the Texas Supreme Court will do the right thing....


............in the eyes of the NASCAR-worshipping general-public.

We're doomed unless we have a mass-awakening.


Polk County, Florida



LOL Patrick

For a moment I'd thought you'd fallen off your rocker.

Then I read past your headline and into the body, in which case, I agree. They will definitely do right by the hands that feed them and keep their corrupt system going.