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An interesting dynamic in Missouri

I am a Misouri delegate in the Republican party. I am one of the 300 people who has been challenged to be unseted this sat at the Missouri Convention. Imagine with me for a moment what the establishment might be thinking right now. They have a candidate that does not have any real appeal. The people really don't like him. There party is weak and aging. There is a disconnect between them and the youth of this country. They have come under attack by this huge group of people who they do not know that want to go back to what they use to be. Now you would think that if a person had been a true conservative 15 years ago this would be music to there ears. And they would be so proud that all these young people have open their eyes to the conservative ideas. And there would be dancing in the isle. Well let me tell you this is not how it is. this group of new comers have gotten quite the opposite. They have been called names given dirty looks and if there wasn't so many of them I'm sure someone would have been spit on. This sat is or state convention. Last sun the Libertarian party actually picked a conservative candidate to run for president. Now if you are one of the Repbulican establishment I have to say that you would be feeling quite the pinch and wondering now what do we do. See folks the republican party doesn't only have to worry about having to lose the presidential spot ohhh no they have to worry about lossing all there senate and congressional seats as well. See the last election the majority of seats went to Democrats. There are only three election cycles to complete a full cycle meaning every 2 years we elect 1/3 of the representatives. so they are about to lose the 2 nd cycle this represents 2/3 of the representative in our government.This is huge. They set around and act as if nothing is wrong They put on their poker face and act like they have it all figured out. Well they don't If they continue to do theis for 2 more years the Libertarian party will have more seats in congress than they do with a majority of the seats being Democrat and also could have a Democrat president (remember this is from their eyes lol). If these people do not wake up soon they will actually self destruct litreraly. They will be a party with no representation at all. How many people do you think will vote for a political party that has no one to represent them thats right noone wants that. Ask the libertarians they have faced this problems for years they know what is feels like to be marginalized. You might say what will happen to all those poloticians who are republicans. Some will go back into the marketplace and work for big companies basicly as lobbiest but most will do the unthinkable (in the mind of the regular joe that is). They will move right over across party lines and move towards the power.Its like a bug flying towards a light they just cant help themseves. You are actually witnessing the death of a party here folks. I know very few can actually picture the United States without a Republican party but get ready its coming. Why is thei happening because these people are so set in their ways and their power structure they can't let go its like a junky and his crack pipe there is nothing in it but he keeps taking hits. I know it seems crazy but thats the truth of the matter they are power junkies. There are just looking oor their next fix. I've heard some people here talk about how bad it is that this conservative has moved into the libertarian party and has hijacked there party. Cough Cough Your party has just taken the spot as one of the only two party systems that are going to be here where do you think the conservatives are going to go. Thats a good thing. Now there are going to be some who can not let go of the dieing beast after killing it they are going to want to revive it and thurts for the power it posesses. But guys its dead let it go it has no life left in it. We should be chomping at the bit to fill the dirt over the top of it. It is evil. Let the dead dog lie. See all they had to do was true to ther beliefs everyone is all worried about Bob barr did this and bob barr did that. Why do you worry about that. You know how to handle that problem Ron Paul has shown you the way have you not been listening have you not learned a thing. Its called a platform and you are in charge of it and anything you put in it this man has to abide by. The moment these leaders become corrupt is the moment you stop being delegates and setting up the platform and the powers that be start to replace you with their buddies. See we are all wicked. The way to have a better party is to have a very deversified delagation. So if you want your party to be great recognize that diversity is good and allways keep it that way. Now when I walk into my convetion on sat Who do you think should be sweating it I promise you it won't be me. Ive got options that I will reach out and take advantage of and not be so set in my ways. The question that remains will they!