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Anyone here take collodial silver solution?

I am curious if anyone here takes or has taken collodial silver solutions, and do they work?

Reason for asking is, my wife has had reoccuring MRSA abcesses. This morning the doctor prescribed Bactrim and Rifampin, the last two option to take orally. The next step are I.V. induced anti-biotics.

If the MRSA becomes anymore immuned to the common anti-biotics she will be out of choices.

So I have been reading silver collodial advertisements that they work against MRSA, Ecoli and others. Basically, they are stating that with all of the anti-biotics we consume either by prescrition, food and water that our bodies are losing the fight.

MRSA is typically contracted in hospitals. Didnt I read somewhere that hospitals are lining their air ducts with silver?

So please enlighten me about silver collodial solutions.


Tim & Angela

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I have used it for years.

Just used some on my Labrador retriever who suffers from some unknown (after hundreds of dollars at the vet) allergies and chronic ear infections.
The weekend swimming in the lake,while fun at the time had left him absolutely miserable. He is sleeping comfortably now.
A theory on this argyria (sp?) turning blue, is supposed to be from a selenium deficiency. I have only seen ONE blue guy on CNN.
Several years ago,I had a tremendous wound in my leg that had spread to my hip joint.I was facing amputation,after several courses of IV antibiotics.
We found an MD that turned me on to a device that would make my own silver. And he started an IV on me and injected ozone into my bloodstream. I went from being frightened that the smallest bubble in the bloodstream would kill you to listening to ozone bubble through my veins.
I am not suggesting this for your situation,but I still have my leg and it works well,as I could easily but my foot in Billy Dees arse.
I do know this....Doctors are NOT always right,and most hospitals are nasty dirty places. If you do some study on the history of silver,you will see that it has been used for thousands of years.
If you do decide to use silver for this,I would suggest the high quality high voltage made silver. The smaller the particle of silver, the better it can penetrate the tissues.
You must use one or the other. You can't use antibiotics AND silver at the same time. And you must use silver on a constant basis for it to saturate your system. It is not a one use magic bullet.
I wish you and your wife the best in her struggle.

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I drank

roughly a pint or more a day for several years of the silver preparation (full strength) I make. I never got sick, no infections, no side effects of any kind and no blue skin. I still drink a lot of Our Silver Works! every day.

What is happening here is no one is making any distinction as to the preparation of the silver colloid spoken about. Therefore to say silver colloid turns skin blue is misleading, inaccurate and a disservice to your neighbors. One first needs to qualify the silver content and its make-up BEFORE shooting one's mouth off and misleading other people. There are silver colloidal preparations out there that would turn one's skin blue - but not ours. Guaranteed or your money back no questions asked! All of our products always have the same guarantee. (Unlike the government who guarantees nothing but more trouble for your money.)


reoccuring MRSA abcesses

Check out http://www.manukahoneyusa.com/ >testimonies

There are testimonies of MRSA.

Though it is a different illness, my child burned two fingers on a hot stove. He was crying in pain. Manuka honey was put on his fingers and wrapped with a band-aid. The pain instantly went away and he fell off to sleep.

The next day his fingers seemed fine, but began to develop water blisters. Added more honey and wrapped the fingers again. The next day the blisters were gone.

Saw a guy in the news

Who was taking it all the time, he has bluish skin now with no other health problems. Everyone calls him granpa smurf. If I find the link I'll update this. here you go.


Colloidal silver is a government

and big corporation conspiracy. It goes into the brain and make you open to mind control.

you are a moron...


The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

Just the Opposite

For anyone who wants to know whether colloidal silver is extremely valuable or not, finding the answer is easy.

Just look at the government and MSM's position on it --- which they are strongly opposed to it in every way, shape and form--- and do the OPPOSITE of what they say and advise and keep doing the opposite more and more as they or anyone else trashes it.

That means Colloidal Silver is probably even better than we can even imagine.

Vitamin C

I occasionally take colloidal silver and believe it is beneficial. There is a simple experiment that can be done to demonstrate its antimicrobial properties. Put some milk in two glasses, in one glass add a small amount of colloidal silver and mix it a little. Then let the two glasses sit unrefrigerated and check them daily. The results will amaze you.

Vitamin C taken at bowel tolerance doses is well proven to be very beneficial against infection and toxins and this would be my recommended treatment:


Many more research papers on vitamin c can be found here:


Double Blind Study --- Like Vioxx?

A quick point for the one who wishes to see a double blind study

Would that be a double blind study like what was presented for Vioxx?

Wake up.

And know who your enemies are --- Big Pharma is one of the most dangerous ones.

Learn what a double blind study is

Before you start complaining about it. A double blind study is to prove somethings works, not to show whether something is harmful. Vioxx is an excellent Pain reliever, with some not so excellent side effects. So, it works for what it is intended. There is no real scientific evidence to support the claims of people hawking the colloidal silver devices.

The fact that the problems with Vioxx were found is a testament to the scientific method, and the vigilance of clinical scientists. Had vioxx been marketed like silver colloid, there would be thousands of dead people, and a bunch of charlatan's running around claiming how well it works, but it is being banned as part of a government conspiracy to keep good medicine from the public.

So why won't the makers of these miracle cures subject them to a rigourous clinical study to prove that they work ? One reason, because they are frauds and they know they don't work.

You've been brainwashed by the medical industrial complex

I'm sorry to say, but you've been brainwashed by the very sophisticated Medical Industrial Complex that prey on folks like yourself.

Check out this video on exactly how they do it and perhaps you'll be able to break free of the many very cunning ways they try to confuse a great number of folks like yourself.

It works with Firefox --- with Internet Explorer you may have to download their jukebox first. Go to #8 (Mind Control & Mind Deprogramming) then go to #3 (Mind Control Made Easy)


Once again, Big Pharma is one of the biggest enemies of all people of the world. They say and claim different, just like the Nazi's when they were telling the Jews that they were relocating them to protect them and to take a shower because they were concerned about them and wanted them to be clean --- only for the Jews to be met with poison gas --- mostly lies and deceit, with the occasional sprinkle of truth here and there to really confuse the populace. But it's mostly lies and deceit --- that's why all you have to do is the OPPOSITE of that they say and want and you'll be mostly right.

Would you believe a double blind study or scientific paper prepared and funded by Jeffery Dahmer that says it's not possible for a person to eat another person because the meat is too big and hard to swallow? With the proper funding he could easily come up with that study and 'scientific proof'.

And Jeffery Dahmer is an angel compared to these Evil Pharm's that you are so quick to trust and amazingly give credence to anything that would be coming from them, their lawyers, their front foundations, their bought off politicians who many would happily kill their own parents or kids for a dollar (and they are with vaccines (see google video "In Lies We Trust"), hormones in meat and milk that cause some girls to start puberty as young as 6, toxic fluoride in the water, GMO foods that give cancer and perpetuate chronic disease --- see "seeds of destruction", chemtrails from the air, etc) and anyone else in anyway involved with them.

The first ones to believe are people like Ron Paul, Alex Jones of infowars.com, Mike Adams of naturalnews.com, John Hammell of iahf.com and nocodexgenocide.com etc.

The last ones to believe or trust for ANYTHING is Big Pharma.



Excellent article with references

On the usefulness of colloidal silver.



"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Medical Properties of Silver

Here are almost 200 medical and scientific papers on the medical use of silver and silver colloids.


This is a terrible list

Not one of the titles reflect anything about the INTERNAL use of colloidal silver. It is designed to trick those not used to reading scientific literature into thinking there is a scientific basis for using colloidal silver internally.

Everyone knows silver is a TOPICAL disenfectant - so is copper by the way.

And so is alcohol a topical disinfectant, however, consumption of Alcohol does not work as an antibiotic - I wish it did.

Curious about collidal

Racertim, thanks for posting this question. I was just looking into this myself, and I too have many questions! There once was a thread here somewhere, an older, nice long one, on this topic; I'd love to cruise through that if it's not entirely gone.

My primary questions are:

1. Ionic vs. particle -- does it matter which kind, and why?
2. How do you make it yourself if you want to (the 9-volt battery thing)?

For those

interested in more good info on colloidal silver:



Yep, I take it.

I heard about it before but I never really thought about taking it until I saw the Blue man on TV.

The Mainstream Media was bashing Colloidal Silver so much that I said it must be awesome, because if you want to get to the truth just do and believe THE OPPOSITE of what Mainstream Media and the government and just regular crooks, etc are saying and wanting and you'll almost always be on the right track.

I did tons of research and I believe everyone should have Colloidal Silver in there home for all kinds of emergencies --- especially for when the US Government carries out their next attack on US Citizens like when they planned 9/11 (for those who doubt, it's easy --- just google or youtube WTC7 --- that's the 3rd building that collapsed on 9/11 --- wasn't hit with a plane and basically was hit with NOTHING and had a full collapse which of course is scientifically impossible --- that means bombs were planted in the building and that means our government mass murdered their own citizens) which will probably be with bioterrorism.

The Blue Man turned blue because he used tap water instead of distilled (nicely left out by MSM) among other things, and as a result the silver particles were WAY to big and he took too much of the crap stuff for too many years.

The one I have been taking for the last month just for regular maintenance is Oxysilver made by Dr. Leonard Horowitz --- he is the one who has that new video on Google video that's taking off all over the Internet called "In Lies We Trust" where he documents the US Government, under the pretense of 'helping people' and 'Public Health' knowingly and purposefully poisoning US citizens and people around the would with cancer, Aids, and much more through vaccinations.

His website has been hacked, no doubt by the many enemies he made in the government, but there was my opposite technique again and that just made me want it more saying it's got to be great if the government is so strongly against him.

Another one that looks very good as well is Sovereign Silver by Natural Immunogenics.

I also bought a machine from the Silver Edge but I haven't used it yet. I bought the one that says the particles are the smallest of any home machine --- .0008 mm. I'm not sure if it's true or if the machine is even any good. I got it because the owner of Silver Edge seems to have been fighting for colloidal silver for years and wrote a number of books, so I thought maybe he's credible (I'm not as certain as I am with Dr. Lee Horowitz after watching that amazing "In Lies We Trust")and based on that took a chance and bought the machine.

But as mentioned I haven't used the machine yet --- I figured if I was going to try Colloidal Silver I'd like to start with the very best so I know what the best feels like, and then if I try a machine I can compare it with what was top knotch.

Hope this helps and remember to very often incorporate that OPPOSITE TECHNIQUE --- it will very often help you find the truth and the right direction to go in --- it sure got me into Colloidal Silver. Good Luck

I've taken silver for over

I've taken silver for over 15 years..I'm not blue nor do I think I will become blue. I don't take it constantly but I have taken it for months at a time. I had an infection that antibiotics were ineffective against. For ingestion I use 50ppm and nothing less...for topical applications I use 1100 or better. I've saved hundreds of dollars on vet bills and doctors visits. The speed with which it heals is amazing. I use it on abcessed teeth..etc.

There are differences in silver quality so be sure to select one that is guaranteed.

There are two other things I want to mention that have been lifesavers. One is oreganol...I buy the triple strength, or super strength..have to order it off the net as my health food store doesn't carry it..and the other one is pao d' arco...I use the extract. It's antiviral, antibacterial and it works great..costs little. First sign of a cold or flu...use it..you'll be pleased with the results.


Thanks --- I knew about oregano oil but didn't know how valuable pau d'arco could be --- great tip!

Show me a double blind clinical test

Where Silver colloid has worked as an internal antibiotic or STFU.

Let's see who pays for those

Let's see who pays for those double blind studies? Hmmm If I as a health care worker had to wait for double blind studies to implement new common sense non-pharma ideas to help my clients,I would've helped a lot less people. Even if Argyria were to manifest in every client (which any research would show you is rare) it is documented that one must consume large quantities. So why not test it out on some easy, small,annoying pathology. Try it on your dog? OR don't and let others find out for themselves. I don't need the government to give me their study to qualify what I want to try. Ironman77, you surprise me I can understand you not wanting to take this stuff, but I always thought you were a freedom advocate.STFU!? Geez so unlike you.

You are not at liberty to commit fraud

Fraud is an initiation of force (but by stealth, like buglary), so I am not against people taking it, as I am against people who sell it and makes false claims of its efficacy - basically stealing peoples money by lying.

BTW, Clinical studies are not done only by the government. SImple ones are fairly inexpensive, and can be done by private hospitals - the proceeds from some new age health book would more than pay for a good study.

I do get angry when I know alot of people are lying about a subject - I can't tell who is lying and who is just misguided, but I know alot of people are lying. And this lying makes it easier for the nanny government people to take away freedoms, because, as the argument goes, the government has to protect stupid people from fraud. (without mentioning that it was the government that made them stupid in the first place. )

Collodial silver is much safer

than antibiotics. The "you'll turn blue thing, is just a scare tactic". You would have to take a s*%t load of it to turn blue. Back in the old days, when coins were made of silver, people would drop silver coins in their milk to kill any bacteria. It's very safe...much safer than antibiotics.

One other thing you shoud look into which may sound disgusting at first, is uropathy, aka urine therapy. Most people thing it's your bodies waste, but only feces is waste...urine is medicine. There is a great book called "Your Own Perfect Medicine" that explains it all very well. Also,check out this article, http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/psychology/health_psychology/U....

it works

It is one of the best medicines we have, but it must be used with caution. There is a life-time limit to how much you should take or it will turn you blue. Really. No apparent helath risks from turning into a Smurf, but it might cause problems with your sex life...
I use it as my last resort after herbal and homeopathy, but it has never failed me. Strep throat and upper respiratory tract infections are what usually force me to my bottle of silver.
Oh, and when you are investing, another "value" of your silver, if you buy it pure, is that you can make your own with 3 nine volt batteries and a 3 little light bulb.
I have what was the equivelant of the Physician's Desk Reference from the early 1900's - silver is in it as antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral. Somehow, the discovery of penicillin mysteriously made those properties vanish... from public knowledge.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


Oxysilver was developed for NASA

Dr. Len Horowitz explains how and why Oxysilver works so well. There is a link to purchase at the end of the interview. I hope that helps you.


Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Oxysilver won't turn you blue

Also explained in this interview is the reason why this product won't turn you blue.

I have no financial interest in passing this on. I'd just hate to think that fear of the harmless and reversible side-effect from the over-use of an inferior silver product, (ie turning blue), might cause some to overlook the benefits that this vastly superior product can uniquely offer.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass