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Faux-News In-Depth reporting of Hulk Hogan..

If this weren't so pitifully true it would be sad...it is sad! I was a Faux-News Junkie. I watched it at least 3 hours a day for 8 years...I know, I know, but I'll be OK. I swore off of them and told them so when they excluded RP from the New Hampshire debates. I have not watched 5 minutes of them since then...except for the one debate where they let Dr. Paul sit on the stage with them.

Anyway, this morning my curiosity got the best of me and I switched it over just to see what they were reporting. For several minutes they played a tape of Hulk Hogan's wife talking to their son and crying about an impending lawsuit that the son is involved in about a car crash that left another seriously injured.

This is news? No, this is the continued "dumbing down" of America. This is what we here at the DP are fighting against.

So please, my point is this, lets stay focused on the issues here, OK? Let's don't "dumb down" the DP. I believe anything we talk about here concerning our, and other's, Civil Liberties is relevent. Anything relating to our values...gold/silver standard, State's issues, world issues, rallying points, and on and on are truly relevent to what we believe in and are fighting for.

Let's keep it "real" here at the DP!

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More and More

People are waking up all the time to see truly for the first time what the mainstream represents...disinformation and control. I have a friend who said they dont call it Tell-Lie-Vision for nothing. LOL.


lol, "Tell-Lie-Vision".. That's so true =)
Tell your friend I might borrow his expression somtimes ^^ (if he does not mind :p )

He wont

Care. He would be flattered :)

The majority do.

It's people with other intentions that come here to stifle productivity that's causing the problems. Being open minded and seemingly educated as well as very strong in our resolve and our freedoms is what makes most of the DP'ers quarrel when a situation arises. I think that is what makes us strong. We don't just turn the other cheek and ignore, we take action! In that I think Khan would say choose your battles wisely, but it would be stated in a more eloquent way by him..lol.

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