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Bob Barr and Ron Paul at CPAC Conference - Barr intro to Paul Video

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FLAGGED as offensive Bob Barr SPAM

your time is limited here bedr1, will you still get your full week's paycheck from the Bob Barr Libertarian Party when you get kicked off???

blakmira - I have great credentials what have you done for Ron?

Been here way way longer than you blakmira, what have you done for Ron Paul?

It looks as if common sense

It looks as if common sense is spreading. The Revolution knows what happened with Ron Paul in the media. Just watch what happens with Baldwin.

Controlling the debate is what it's all about. Paul got marginalized and so will Baldwin, as they are a direct threat to the control being wielded. Barr on the other hand........He's against the War now.........great.........glad to see he's on board with everyone that has 2 brain cells. He's against the Patriot Act even though he voted for it.............great.....this is the same mentality of Obama.

When Barr openly states he will pull us out of the UN, end our participation in *free trade* agreements, will end the Federal Reserve, will bring ALL of our troops home from around the globe, will END the drug war, will provide for another investigation into 9/11 (as Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul have)......................THEN.......and ONLY THEN........will he stand a minute chance of being given credence as a credible candidate that the Revolution can stand behind. Until that time.......he's just a life long politician with a record of supreme level flip flopping and absolutely no personal integrity as evidenced by his adulterous relationships and multiple wives, calling for an end to abortion as one of his wives was busy getting one etc.

ANOTHER spam. You've been

ANOTHER spam. You've been asked multiple times to post Barr related threads in the BARR TOPIC thread that you yourself created. I smell a ban coming soon :)

Neoconned whats a matter don't you want to see Dr Ron Paul

There is no spam here - the only spam is you NeoConned troll - johnny come lately to this forum - go back to the CP.

sorry bro. I've been here

sorry bro. I've been here for over half a year. You can go look at all my posts. NONE have been promoting Baldwin until YOU and BillyDee started spamming the DailyPaul with incessant Bob Barr posts. I decided to go take an indepth look at both Baldwin and Barr and guess what.......you now have me fired up to fight your lies until you get banned by Michael, whom you have spit upon in another thread already. Your time is short son. Better go get you a new nickname ;) Perhaps VoiceOfTreason would suffice......oh wait.....you already used that nick previously :)

Can you

capture the shot of Paul and Barr shaking hands? That would be a great picture to post on here. I would do it if I knew how.