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MN GOP Chair misuses his office to encourage McCain turnout (DIGG ME!)




May 27, 2008

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Presidential candidate and Congressman Dr. Ron Paul will speak to his supporters, and other delegates and alternates to the Minnesota Republican State Convention, Friday morning, May 30, at 7:30 AM at the Mayo Memorial Park, 30 Civic Center Drive, Rochester MN. The park features an amphitheater setting adjacent to the rear of the Mayo Civic Center where the convention is to be held.

After repeated requests for an invitation, the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Chairman, Ron Carey, issued a letter to Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota Campaign Coordinator for Ron Paul 2008 PCC, denying Ron Paul a speaking opportunity at the convention. (Letter attached.)

“I put in five calls to the MN GOP over the past several weeks, requesting a simple yes or no on letting Dr. Paul speak, with no response,” said Stebbins, “and only received the written denial following a demand for response via certified mail. So the Ron Paul campaign extends our invitation to all GOP state delegates and alternates to hear for themselves why this remarkable man has created such a stir in this presidential election.”

When the gavel drops in the Civic Center at 9:00 AM, Stebbins anticipates the convention Rules Report will favor the MN GOP Chairman’s picks for national delegate, allowing only “qualified” candidates to appear on the ballot, to be named later by the Nominating Committee, while not defining such qualifications. Paul’s supporters will appeal to the delegates of the convention to amend the rules in the interests of fairness and openness to allow for all who filed their intent to run with the MN GOP to appear on the ballot.

“Other challenges to the rules may be brought in an orderly fashion,” said Stebbins, “by no means as an attempt to disrupt the convention, but strictly to favor an open, democratic process to allow for the delegation to make decisions about whom it wishes support, as opposed to an orchestrated election of unopposed, backroom candidates.”

MN GOP Chairman, Ron Carey, last week sent an email (attached) to party officers urging them to turn out their McCain delegates, forwarding an email message from the Ron Paul campaign as an additional motivator. Contrary to Carey’s claims, the vast majority of caucus attendees voted against McCain.

Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota Campaign Coordinator for Ron Paul 2008 PCC stated, “Ron Carey is misusing his office of Chairman to encourage turnout only of delegates for one candidate. The Republican Party Bylaws clearly forbid this activity. If Mr. Carey wishes to actively campaign for one candidate and for his slate of candidates for national delegate, he should relinquish the Chair to someone who can more impartially handle the duties of the office.”

Dr. Ron Paul, tenth-term Congressman from Texas, is one of two candidates remaining in the Republican race for President, and has earned seven national delegates so far out of Minnesota. With his new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, now in its third week on the New York Times Bestseller List, he remains in the race to offer conservatives an option in the primaries, and to spread the message of Liberty, Peace and Prosperity.




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Ron Paul to visit before MN GOP convention

Despite John McCain's lock on the nomination, the Texas Republican and his backers will try to pick up more delegates to the national convention when the Minnesota branch of the party meets this weekend in Rochester.

By BOB VON STERNBERG, Star Tribune May 27, 2008

The Republican presidential race is on the verge of heating back up in Minnesota.

More than three months after the state's precinct caucuses, a showdown is in the offing at the state GOP convention in Rochester this weekend.

Long-shot insurgent candidate Ron Paul plans to speak to his supporters Friday morning, just before the convention begins. Then, those supporters hope to nab as many of the 14 national convention delegate spots that remain up for grabs as they can.

"We're not looking for fireworks, and we're not looking to disrupt the campaign," said longtime GOP activist Marianne Stebbins, who has been running Paul's campaign in Minnesota.

"From our perspective, John McCain's the presumptive Republican nominee," said state Republican Party spokesman Mark Drake. "It's been fought here, Paul lost here and it's time to move forward. Case closed. He had his chance and didn't get it done."

This pending dust-up pitting the party establishment against the supporters of the Texas congressman has been replicated in state after state since McCain became the Republicans' presumptive nominee weeks ago.

Although Paul has received only about 5 percent of the votes cast in GOP primaries, his activists are swarming local Republican party committees and conventions, lining up delegates in states such as Alaska, Missouri, Florida, Texas and Washington.

Although they acknowledge that they realistically can't amass enough delegates to wrest the nomination from McCain, they hope to secure a speaking spot for their candidate when the national party meets in St. Paul.

A pickup in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the Paul forces staged an unexpected coup last month, when they captured six national convention delegates awarded at congressional district meetings. Informally, Stebbins said, another one or two have migrated to Paul since then.


Damn Digg won't put this

Damn Digg won't put this story on the upcoming page, even though it has more votes than others.

I guess since it concerns Ron Paul they autoignore it. Bah.


cuz I hate the current GOP
and will never vote for another Republican that is part of this
old guard ....Not Until the Freedom Movement takes over -
abounding protest votes ....

You can run...

But you can not hide, you Mr. Chairman will be exposed in time and get just what you deserve! You can't shield the truth forever.... "Onward" >>>>
PS. And I yield back the balance of my time :-P
What you believe too be true, is true too you...

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

great info

looks like the Minn GOP leadership trying to play games, however this time they are way outnumbered

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Start Demanding the MN chair to

be removed. Whos got an e-mail address.

no one even cares about this?

I'm bumping this legitimate news because all that seems to go on around this site is bar barr, or whatever.

I wish there was an auto organizer...

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Before it gets dumped.

Keep up the good fight in MN!

Keep up the good fight in MN!