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Media contacts- please write Letters to editor, etc

Instead of just posting on this forum, we should write letters to the editor. Here is my local Newspapers' letter to the editor email address. Please try to enlighten the readers, and get them interested in the constitution.

We are in Central PA (10th CD), and might get a 3rd party Congressional candidate on the Ballot, but she hasn't announced her candidacy publically yet, because she isn't on the ballot yet.


in the same region, we have a Radio talk show from 9 to 10 am EDT

email anytime at onthemark@WKOK.com or call: 1-800-795-9565 (only call during radio show hours). you can listen at WKOK.com and they have no call screening.

Small area media outlets (5-100 thousand) are more likely to give you time to express your views, so please post other area's local media contacts.

If you think this subject is good, keep it bumped.

Thank you!

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You can call in from 9 am to 10 am edt

its almost 7:30 now