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Founding fathers: did they make an error about the 'right to life'?

I disagree with the founding fathers statement that all men have a right to life.

Suppose that I will die unless I receive a kidney transplant ?
Do I have a right to use one of your kidneys?

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I would gladly sacrifice one of my kidneys to save your life ...

I can only hope that you would do the same for me.

We all have our roles.

I wouldn't

I'm not an altruist. Sorry.

I would do it for you too Billy.

We all have our roles.

Would you give both?

Both kidneys?

If I didn't have 3 kids and a wife I would.

So the answer is no.

I agree

There is no natural right to life. If you want to live, then you simply need to find a way to live. No one is morally obligated to sustain or protect your life. Rights are obligations upon others, either negative or position obligations.

If they would have said "A right to not to be killed," it would have been less problematic. That's probably what they meant.



Lisa C.


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If you have the money

you can get a fresh one from China.

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When the right to life is gone, what's left?

You don't own anything, since ownership implies that you have
the right to do what you want with your property, and free of paying taxes on it.
Having the government owning everything was what we were told is the problem with Communism.
So perhaps we should remember that Individuals working collectively, isn't a problem.
A State owning everything or having the ability to tax everything including the individual, is the problem, since it's the same thing! Most mineral rights in this country are owned by the government or controlled by the government, try drilling a well in your backyard without paying for a permit.


I've made an edit to the thread to make it more clear.