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McCains address

tonight was so indicative of his mentality that its frightening. To hear him speak of nuclear weapons is tantamount to listening to Michael Vicks profess to be against animal cruelty. His concern about nuclear proliferation fails to address the issue of one of his as well as Hillary's biggest supporters.
Why in God's name does Israel need 600 nukes and how did they get them? They have never signed a non proliferation treaty yet we support them no matter what they do. Anyone here old enough to remember the attack by Israel on our ship the USS Liberty in 1967? 32 AMERICAN sailors were napalmed to death by Israeli jets that we paid for and all that was received was a lot of double talking from both our government as well as Israel. Oh yeah, there was a financial settlement made to all the murdered sailors families by Israel. From what I could gather the Liberty, which was an electronic surveillance ship had caught them moving a nuke which they had somehow appropriated from us. With allies like this who needs Arab terrorist?
How would any of us feel if we resided on a border of Mexico or Canada and they built a fortress right up to the border where they would point incredibly deadly weapons at you and yours every chance they could? And suppose they used the instance of a child resenting having a weapon such as that pointed at them constantly and tossed a snowball or a rock towards them in order to justify a murderous response and an expansion of their fortress in order to satisfy their security requirements. We have been paying for these actions for far too long. If Israel can't exist within it's borders we have no right to finance their subjugation of others, particularly when the price to pay from such a misguided policy is the alienation of so many other people.

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let us not forget

it was McCain's father that helped cover up the Israeli attack on a US ship.

McCain also helped the vietnamese make propaganda tapes that helped fuel the fight against US troops.

the McCain family may just be traitorous enough to deserve a trial of treason.

You think they might

hold stock in NIKE?

If not us than who?