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Would any of you care how your Ron Paul donations were spent ?

This article is insinuating that it's bad practice for Ron Paul to hire his family members to help with the Campaign I donated money back in december and before super tuesday and I'd actually feel much better about the fact that he paid people he could trust.


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2 points...

1) I think we get better value for our money from his family than just some joe out to make a living. His family really cares to do a good job for the campaign, and no doubt give more than they actually get paid for.

2) Remember, Ron Paul is the unique congressman who, out of pure principal, REFUSES his congressional pension -- which is worth millions! To accuse him of wrong doing for paying family members for their time is beyond absurd.

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I made "donations" to Dr. Paul's campaign. They were

made voluntarily and with no strings or conditions attached to the money. It was a donation; not an investment, such as buying a share of stock in a public company. I had no expectation of any rights to say how the money was spent and no expectations of any accounting for how the money was spent. There are laws in place governing how the money can be spent. If those laws were obeyed, then I have no problem at all. As far as hiring family members, to work on the campaign, being "bad practice", I suggest that issue be taken up with the Kennedy family. They've been doing it for over 40 years and nobody seems to have a gripe about it.

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From what I understand...

he still has over $5 Mill in the bank, so my money hasn't been spent yet. He could spend my money wiping his ass for all I care. It's well worth the education that I received from him.

i'm not concerned

if it were any other candidate, sure.

let's see:

no hookers
no booze
no gambling
no high-rise hotels
no high-end limos
no private jets

hmmm. seems that if he hired his family to help with the campaign, that the good dr. knows that unity and family are important when fighting a good fight. i applaud dr. paul for his character and integrity. i'm glad his family was with him throughout. knowing the good dr. and seeing dr. rand paul in action, i have no doubt that these fine folks worked very hard on the campaign.


I am Ticked

If these allegations are true then it implies that the money was not spent in the best way it could have been...does it not?

If we follow this to it's logical conclusion then had the money been spent differently, and more in line with the author's implied recommendation, Ron Paul would now be the frontrunner and the presumptive nominee!

So yes, I do care and I am really ticked.

[/sarcasm off]

I mean really, wtf is the point of the article if not to discredit a man who by all accounts will not win the Republican nomination. It's time to ask: what are you afraid of?

This is simply a smear campaign. No one lost any significant amount of money. There was no law broken, no fraud perpetrated. Why do they care?

The neocons are really good

The neocons are really good at saying, "it's a wash". Our guy sucks your guy sucks, it's a wash. Which of course would be fine with them if it were a wash and they certainly hope they can spin it that way. "What are they afraid of?" That's a hard question. They can't even answer the easy questions let alone any hard ones. They go after a guy who they say has no chance and then go totally out of their way to insure it. IMO this is another measure in that attempt. If they can somehow smear RP on this issue then McFeingold's FEC violations are a wash right?

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"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

LOL. $169k? Out of $30,000,000?

Oh yes, I am full of righteous indignation!

How dare Ron Paul pay his granddaughter who ran his campaign store about $2,000! $2,000 to send out millions of pieces of literature, hundreds of thousands of signs, t-shirts, buttons and other goods. Why I bet this granddaughter probably got paid something like one tenth of a cent per item she mailed out. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

OMG? $60,000 for accounting services? Why does a $35 million campaign need to spend any money on accounting? Damn it, don't they have abacuses they could use???


As long as he's not blowing

As long as he's not blowing the money on coke and hookers I'm ok with how he spends the money. That's the thing about the Revolution. Ron Paul has earned our TRUST with multiple decades of integrity and principled voting to the point where he had to vote all by himself 300+ times. We know Dr.Paul is a good steward of our monies and wont be derelict in his duties as an elected official.

Why you knockin me yo?

Whats wrong with hookers?There are none so blind as those who will not see!

There are none so blind as those who will not see!

I agree 100%

with you. In fact I trust his family more than anyone else. Where is the outcry against Mclame. He gets a bill past on campaign finance and he breaks his own rules. What's up with that? How can we get that investigated?

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nothing wrong.

What the hell could be wrong with his family helping him ?
Isn't that what a family does ? help each others ??! And they are not helping for nothing here.. We're talking about things like Constitution, liberty, peace, prosperity..

I'll send him more money without hesitating if he needs some.

Ron Paul can do whatever he chooses to with the money...

...I sent him for his presidential campaign. I feel better knowing he hired people he knew he could trust. So they're family....so what? If they're anything like the good Dr., they can't be corrupted by money either.

The turds of this world love trying to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to Dr. Paul. Look at the way he was villified for his 'racism' because he accepted a $500 donation from a white supremacist, but Obama gets a bye even though he attended a black supremacist church for 20 years and McCain gets a bye even though he still calls 'certain' Asian people gook. Have we all collectively forgotten about that? How is this thing with the money any different? How many of Clinton, Obama, or McCain's 'people' are there to represent the money that backs 'their' candidate? How many of those same people will call in their markers when 'their' candidate gets elected? And that's better than hiring family how exactly?

Dr. Paul can spend the money I sent him however he chooses.

No problems with family getting a little jing

Just wish he'd made better choices for key positions.

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So far as I am concerned,

He could hand $1M of the donated funds to the lovely women in his family and tell them to "go out and buy yourself something nice" to wear to the National Convention! I trust this man and as the Revolution grows, I completely intend to donate more to it and to the efforts of Dr. Paul, however he needs it. This is not a tax being levied on us, it is our donation, voluntary.


One thing that Ron Paul

One thing that Ron Paul supporters have that NO other candidate's supporters have....that's the knowledge that their guy is a totally honest man. This guy doesn't even take the Congressional pension! Even a LITTLE bit of research will show you that he could give a damn less about the money. So if he hires his family...that's fine with me. WHATEVER he does with the money, he will surely stick with the principles that have guided his life and his career for as long as I've known him, and I've known him for 30 years. My money is safe is my Doctor!

I don't care

When the money left my hands, it was no longer my money. It was the Ron Paul campaign's money to spend as they saw fit. If they ended up squandering it, oh well, I was aware of that risk before I donated. So far I haven't seen any evidence Ron Paul's campaign has misused it's funds.

Oh yeah I forgot to add...I

Oh yeah I forgot to add...I will be sending RP much more money if he asks for it.

Ron Paul 2012

Same here. Or buying

Same here. Or buying multiple copies of his book and passing them out to friends.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Ron Paul deserves my money

Ron Paul deserves my money and i'll donate again.

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Ron Paul hires family

Ron Paul hires family members most likely because they are about the only ones who wouldnt do something to try to screw him over.

Ron Paul 2012

I support Ron Paul's family.

I support Ron Paul's family. Good for him!

When's Rand running for Congress, by the way...?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


169K with over 30 mil donated?

are you kidding me?
it's a drop in the bucket.

ron's family has taken a beating like none of us.
screw ANYONE who has something to say about that.

the numbers speak for themselves.

i'd say.......my family would need a cool quarter mil to put up with the crap our stupid ass elections throw up. i think it's pretty sick to even have to talk about it. yeah.....now.....why don't we all go over here and look the gift horse in the mouth?

I do!!

I gave my money with no strings attached ( He wouldn't take it otherwise). I have read that article and yes his family works for him but no wrong doing is every exposed. The article infers something is wrong but provides no evidence to back its claim. I can't take stock in assumptions based on guesses, If I did I could read the Inquirer.

At least he didn't pull an Alan Keyes move

and pay himself a salary while he was running for president! Alan Keyes paid himself $8,500 a month for his services as a candidate.


Ron Paul is the only candidate I have ever donated

money to and I would do it again in a heart beat.
I'm glad to see he hired his family. :o)


He is the most trusted man in my book. and why not hire his family I would. Who can you trust more than your family. I say do what you want with my donation

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Our Statesman

can spend my donation anyway he sees fit.

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Yeah, I agree. I don't think

Yeah, I agree. I don't think its bad practise at all. They should be honoring the man for having such a big, STABLE (He's been married forever!), successful, inspired, enthusiastic family. Well done Paul family!

Plus, I'd rather Paul family members than people that could be necons trying to derail us.

We need another money bomb

A Washington Post money bomb. We will call it We don't give a shit where Ron Paul spends his money Washington Post money bomb, we trust our candidate. Anyone in?

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