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If the trend continues and Ron Paul continues to hold 23% of the vote, he should finish the night with approximately 25,712 votes.

100% reporting

McCain: 70% (87,341) 17 delegates
Ron Paul: 24% (29,741) 5 delegates
Uncommitted: 6% (7,974) .... 1 delegate (what a wasted 6%)


40% in Boundary County!

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out of the loop and no channels

right now ; )
How is the news(taking) reporting this?

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

they're not... that is,

they're not... that is, they're keeping their mouths shut as expected.

Well, I'm not

But when someone finally does they'll all have an opinion.
Keep pushin on.

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

they, too, are out of the loop and no channels

are treating it like news. The Boise station talked briefly about it, but failed to report any of the amazing numbers we posted. Idaho's great showing is the closest I'll ever get to my 15 minutes of fame, and it is blacked out by the media - dang!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

stilkl makes me wonder about

stilkl makes me wonder about those other 87,000 people.. what in the world are they thinking about!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

I wish...

that the Ron Paul wave would have started sooner. But guess what, if Ron Paul is to be our leader it will take an act of God. I have always said this and believed this, and I am not one to argue with the almighty.

Ron Paul and our Revolution have consistently been gaining ground in every primary election.

If we believe in the promise of Ron Paul, then I believe that God will somehow, someway allow it to happen. It will most likely be in some manner that us simple minded humans could never have envisioned, but I believe that it could happen.

We are in strange times people. Times when Truth is passe'. Times when pre-emptive war is the norm. Times when the failing American dollar is ignored by the media. Times when our constitutional rights are being abolished.

We are in a strange time when anything could happen.

Stay the course people, never relent. Ron Paul is our guide and he has never relented. We must take our cue from Dr. Paul and let our principles and integrity guide us.

But, this is only my opinion.

yes... if it's not meant to

yes... if it's not meant to be, then I really can't argue with God.... not to say God wouldn't support us, I think we have the right message... but eventually things have to end, and you never know, this could be it.

Truth never ends...

It may be hidden for a while, but its brilliance will always shine through at the end.

And if McCain becomes president

then it means God is for McCain?


Sometimes the bottom, or worst things must happen before good prevails. Example: I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer May 2001. It has changed my life for the better, my family too. How? because it forced me to look at my life, how I ate, how I did not sleep, how I abused myself because taking care of myself was the LAST thing I did. I treated my illness with alternative therapies. It has taught me to do my own research, be an independent thinker, have faith in my decisions. Freedom choice of medical treatment led me to Ron Paul. Funny, I doubt he would practice alternative medicine, but I know he would fight for and honor my right to choose it. So, IF we don't win this battle, it may just be that it is just putting us on the road to winning the "war." Have faith, keep marching and don't look or go back to your previous ways, because I know what that will get ya! :-)

Be the Miracle!

no.......it means He

no.......it means He occasionally give the people the king they ask for and deserve.

this is where I get squeamish

I like my church and state nice and separate. I don't think it is wise to count on anybody's god to bail anyone out of anything as mundane as politics. Use the strength of our prayers, rely on your creator to guide your deeds, to keep your will strong. But to meddle in politics? It is like the two quarterbacks crossing themselves and asking their god to help them win the football game. If that worked, we would have nothing but ties, right? Hows about lets try to NOT have an Armegeddon or Jihad or anything that unscrupulous people MIGHT use to drag "righteous" people into an unholy war...? If there is a god who really insists on a hugely destructive event, make that god do it's own dirty work. We can choose to be loving people - unyielding and strong, but we do not have to wage war on behalf of an omnipotent being.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Well, if God gave us prayers

Well, if God gave us prayers as a means to ask for his intercession, we can (and should) use them to ask for his help. For example, a prayer could be for him (God) to intercede by quickening people to see and follow the truth and to do that which is best for the country and the divine plan and purpose for the nation.

Since people may have different ideas of what is the right way or outcome, always ask God to adjust our prayers according to His will for the highest purpose. This can be done in the name of Jesus Christ or in the name of the I AM THAT I AM.

I AM THAT I AM was the name given to Moses in the Old Testamente (Exodus 3:14) to be God's name for all generations. Let's pray for Freedom to continue to be the guiding principle for this nation and that people wake up to what is Truth according to God's will.


Freedom Rules!


If there is a god who really insists on a hugely destructive event...

That is one way to look at it, but I prefer to think of it from the opposite point of view. We deserve punishment and destruction -- even by secular standards in the way that we have used and abused the world through the inflation tax. We have lived beyond our means for decades. Our comeuppance is due, but God in His mercy has given us more time -- more opportunities to change our hearts and return to truth and justice. He could have let us collapse decades ago, but by His grace, we still live to fight another day.

If our country falls in the coming years, no one can say that we don't deserve it. If we are saved from collapse, could it be anything but the grace of God? Given that it will probably take a miracle for Ron Paul to be elected president at this point, I will be praying for mercy and that the light of truth will be shone on our nation that the eyes of blind would be opened to see what is going on around them.

I'm not sure I'm on board with that notion

We used and abused the world throught the inflation tax and now deserve punishment and destruction? I'm not sure what you have been up to, but I don't really feel I have earned any punishment beyond my share of normal human suffering nor destruction other than the end of my mortal being... and certainly not for having my currency devalued out from under me... But if you find comfort in your beliefs, believe away. Just PLEASE remember that we need to base our LAWS (State) on facts, not beliefs (Church.) The go together beautifully if you keep them separate.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I'm not well versed in

I'm not well versed in theology, but I have heard and read many references to the book of Revelations and how much of the prophecy has been playing out. Some people believe that our next President might be the anti-christ, or something like that.

I haven't read Revelations or the other related books of the Bible that mentions this stuff, but thought I might comment about it since you mention about God maybe being for McCain.

It very well may be that God has warned us about McCain (some say the reference was a warning about Obama).


If McCain becomes President...

I believe that the majority of the people who are educated as to what is going on in this country have allowed it to happen. Most people in this country don't have a clue as the power grab/money grab that is happening right now. We are losing our constitutional rights at an exponential rate.

If we who know what is going on, do not believe in Ron Paul and his message, then all is lost. We must never relent in educating our fellow Americans. I believe that we are somehow connected both physically and spiritually with our every thought.

Positive thoughts produce positive results, negative thoughts produce negative results.

Any body who was originally attracted to Ron Paul's message in the first place, already knew that it was a long shot. But all the news I see now shows that we are gaining ground. That is what I'm talking about.

Our society has strayed so far from the true tenets of our constitutional government, that Ron Paul's Ideas at first seemed foreign to us.

All I am saying is that anything could happen, but we must never relent.
I know that once exposed to the wisdom of Dr. Paul that I can never go back to my ignorant past.

But, this is only my opinion.


East Idaho here,

Imagine if the media treated RP like he was running for president! There are still many people who didnt know he was still running, or they voted for McCain because they didnt believe RP has a chance. Im happy to see that telling everyone about him and putting the signs on my cars paid some dividends. I just wish it had been more, but I honestly thought we would only do around 15% so it was better than expected, and how often do you exceed expectations! Great job to the real conservatives here in Idaho. The neocons are amazed for sure. And there are many of them coming to true conservative beliefs and the constitution every day!

percentage-wise, this has

percentage-wise, this has been his best primary.

Good going, Idaho!!!

Good going, Idaho!!!


Great job, Idaho!!!!!! :-)

The new "Live Free or Die" state?? lol

Seriously .... I had tears of happiness in my eyes when I heard the result. A huge kudos to everyone who voted, canvassed, and otherwise worked so hard on behalf of the great :) Ron Paul!!

5 delegates!!!

5 delegates!!!

and with that 1 uncommitted

and with that 1 uncommitted delegate, that's one more opportunity for us to get another delegate!

From Walden_Paragon & Knowledge_Breeds_Good: We're in tears...

This has truly been a bright spot in this campaign for us. SO many weeks here lately, suffering insult and slander after misinfo after lie...God, it is truly great to be a part of this. Thank you all!!

Sorry, we get a little teary-eyed for RP and everyone that is a part of this. We really do love you all. We know you are all fighting so hard for your children and for this country you love so much.

We are just two 20 somethings trying to squeak out a living, with a beat up sports car and a garden in the backyard. We've given most every free minute we've had to the campaign this last year...and nights like tonight just make it all worth it.

Here's to brighter days and vindication!!

(Way to go Idaho!!)



"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

Great job Idaho.....

You've done better than the rest of us. I will buy more potatoes in your honor.

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

another point

Fortune Favors the Bold

Paul got more votes in Idaho then Obama and Clinton combined.

Fortune Favors the Bold

OK, I'm exhausted.... it's

OK, I'm exhausted.... it's nearly 2 am, and I have a job interview in the morning.... I doubt any new results will be coming in, but if they do, feel free to report them here... good luck! I really hope we can hit 25% and drop McCain below 70%!

John McCain Can Kiss Our Rosy Red .....

LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION. One man with courage MAKES a majority. We've already won and the GOP cronies don't even know it ... It won't really hit home until November ... they've won blue haired votes, we've won young hearts and minds.