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30% of the Voters in Idaho say NO to John McCain

John McCain is in serious trouble and the media cannot pull him out of it.

Its too bad the sheeple didn't catch on to McCain earlier, now they will hopefully choose Dr. Paul at the convention

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When a similar result was seen in Pennsylvania, which

we heard about because there was a democrat primary also taking place, there were other former GOP candidates on the ballot there. I recall reading an article from Patrick Buchanan in which he pointed to the Pennsylvania results as indicating that the GOP is going to have a very serious problem with McCain.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

Election? What election? Look at this cr*p

The online front page of the biggest paper in the Capital city of Boise:

Now we will add "John who?" to the "Ron who?" routine, I guess!

Yeah, 30% of red, red IDAHO's Republicans said "McNO," but that is not front page news.

Wine tasting, anyone? THAT is news...

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Unbelievable!! (Unless you understand Media cover-up)

30% of Idaho Republicans REJECTED the candidate picked for us by the CFR, global governance elites. Soooo it is better to not even report on the election, than to let the figures show the truth!
Idaho and Oregon both are completely marginalized by holding their primaries so late. The State GOP has worked since Super Tuesday to convince County Central Committees here that we must now use our votes to get behind McCrum for "Party Unity!" It is appalling to me to see the knee-jerk reaction of the local GOP.
The primary election is supposed to be a show of hands as to who the state voters think is the best candidate. How can you bow to pressure and vote for a total LOSER in the interest of "Party Unity"?!

The 2 states that we did

The 2 states that we did best in (PA and ID) Both had the High Tide Ad

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Idaho Free State

Forget Paulville or the Free State Project. Y'all are welcome in Idaho.
Come join the most independent, self reliant, freedom loving individuals on the planet.

Y'all Come !!!

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

I am looking forward to the state where he wins 50%

or more of the Popular vote!!!! and thats just in the primaries....

Isn't S Dakota the only one left?

He could have won Idaho if he would have spent even a little time here campaigning. He spent 2 weeks in Iowa and 2 hours in Idaho - if he had spent 2 days it would have been 70% for Ron Paul. And, it appears he has no intention of campaigning in S Dakota either, so do not expect any better outcome. VERY frustrating - he really could have won Idaho.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I dunno

I just received a letter from a delegate running for national that says, "I love President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and our core Republican values." Seems contradictory to me, since when do Bush and Cheney represent core Republican values? The letter makes a reference to us elsewhere: ""there is a very well organized group of Ron Paul supporters that are trying to take the...National Delegate spots" as if that were a bad thing!

Obviously, we're still up against a whole lot of neoconservatives...

I hope with all my heart you are right,bedr1


The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security


is a GREAT headline.