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Best documentary yet, on who killed JFK Jr


A bizarre tale
They killed his father.

They killed his uncle.

How did he die?

We know he died in a plane wreck, but this video shows the bizarre media manipulation surrounding the details of the story.

Why would somebody kill JFK Jr? Who had the motive? Who had the means?
John F. Kennedy's son died in a plane

...Right before George Bush Jr. was
elevated to the status of a *serious*
presidential candidate.
(Like DC Madam killed because of McCain being considered a 'serious' candidate?)

This is worth taking a look at.

Interestingly, the Air Force and FAA
behaved very strangely the day his plane
disappeared...ala 9/11.

Worth watching in its entirety.

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I dont usually comment on off topic posts...

but the correct answer is The CLINTONS...he was going to announce his candidacy for the Senate...in the same district as Hillary is in. That is why.They new he would win by a landslide....so they got rid of him...

Having finished watching this one

everything seems to point towards Bush and cronies more than the Clintons.. the tactics, the plotting, the lying, the connections are too eerie.

Although I believe the Clintons are capable of a lot, only have to remember their long list of 'lost' friends, the assassination of Jr. points to a nazi Bush plot due to the fact that Jr was about to expose those responsible for killing his father. Lies, cover-ups and more lies. Bush Sr and Jr, Kissinger, Mossad, CIA

They don't stop at anything.



Lisa C.


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