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Malcom's no friend

I've said it before...now here's another example.

Many folks lauded Andrew Malcom of the LA Times for his "kind" mentions and references to RP and RP supporters over the past many months. It was all a (not so) slick cover for his contempt of us, but many believed his words were in earnest.

Those of you who would still fawn over his "support" of our cause might want to take a look at his latest LAT blog article (remove spaces; I didn't want to direct-link):

http:// latimesblogs.latimes. com/washington/2008/05/ron_paul_money.html

Yep, he's joined in the bandwagon to try to smear RP for (*gasp!*) using funds to pay his family members to work on his campaign.

I'm glad to see in the comments section there that most RP supporters have awakened to the LAT blog's tactics.

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We need to stop giving him

We need to stop giving him any attention. I stopped reading/commenting a long while ago. The LA times is good for the crossword puzzle.