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Why a third party run CAN work!

The reason is simple math! We do not have the numbers to take over the republican party because that was proven throughout the primaries, maybe someday but not anytime soon. Now...if we all decide to vote for lets just say someone like Bob Barr for example purposes only, (or if there was a chance of RP still changing his mind and running as a third party candidate, which I realize is wishful thinking) Here is the math:
We would get all of those liberatarion voters and all of us RP republican voters, convince some new voters that are not happy with the 2 main candidates who say voted for (Romney, Thompson, Gravel, Kuchinich, Edwards, ect..). Also there are A LOT of voters in early states including Super Tuesday states that have opened there eyes to RP's message since then. So...lets say that takes us to 25% of the vote. I also know of a lot of very strong christians who were Huckabee supporters who still refuse to vote for McCain and will raly around say Chuck Baldwin because he is a preacher and they would think he is God's choice.... so he gets 7% of the vote. Then you have Ralph Nadar who will steal a lot of votes away from Obama, there are a lot of Clinton supporters who will refuse to vote for Obama, and (unfortunetly racist people in this country still exist everywhere, but lets face it) there are still several Dems who will not vote for a black president...so Nadar gets 18%. Then there are the other 3rd party candidates who will appear because of all the hype around this years presidency plus the write-in's.......so they all get 5%. Then lets say Obama gets 23% and McCain gets 22% of the vote.
Voting third party would breakdown the votes. We could never do this in the past because there was never a man like Ron Paul who opened so many minds and given so many Americans hope. Even though I realize that someone like Bob Barr is not our #1 choice at least it would prove to the country that we can take this country back from the coruption of the 2 main parties! This is not about taking our "Party" back, it is about taking our Country back!!!

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I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run. I do not denigrate third parties -- just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them. But I am a Republican, and I will remain a Republican. [Ron Paul]

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

draft Ron Paul

for write in candidate . Yes it can be done and yes he can win .If we destroyed and SABOTAGED all the voteing machines.Then everyone would be a write in candidate now wouldnt they ."the PEOPLE are the only means for the prosecuion of our Liberty" Thomas Jefferson.

Sounds like you went

from arguing that Ron Paul should run third party, to we'll just settle for Barr and show them.

That does not make sense to me. I will not vote Barr unless Ron Paul sees something that I don't and tells us to support him.

Can Ron Paul run as a total independent, after the RNC???

Exactly. Unless Ron Paul

Exactly. Unless Ron Paul endorses Barr the CIA, Iraq War and Patriot Act Voting for, adulterous 3 wife havin, votin against abortion while his wife was busy getting one, foreign policy of interventionism spewing, non federal reserve ending, flat tax promoting piece of garbage......then I'll consider my options. Until then, it's Paul or if he doesn't get the nomination and my state doesn't allow for a write in, then Baldwin.

It is not about whether Ron Paul CAN run...

it is about will he run. I don't think there is any shot of him running as a third party candidate because he is a man of his word and I have heard him say no to a third party run several times. I don't thin he was crossing his fingers, but who knows maybe!! I would love Ron Paul to run as a 3rd party, I would put all my efforts into supporting him!! However, if he does not I think we should rally around someone else who shares a simalar message and is a friend of Ron Pauls.

You can forget it

No ONE, not even little ol' you, can rally us around someone else--EXCEPT Ron Paul. So give it up already. I am sick of this. Get off Daily Paul. We will rally around Ron Paul period. Go.


I thought I was having a discussion with a reasonable human being. I didn't mean to piss you off. I will discuss with an open-minded person, because I truely want the people who want to "write-in" Paul's name in November to explain thier plan, rather than just tell me to leave!! I hope to god you are not a canvasser for Paul, that would be scary!