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We need to help these guys end the war!

I got this e-mail. OK this guy is a Liberal, BUT he is working hard for what we want so we need to support his efforts and get our girls and guys back home safe. He's doing RP's work on the other side of the isle!

"Memorial Day was a tragically sad reminder of the enormous human cost of Bush's invasion of Iraq.

But amidst our sadness, we have reason for hope. On May 15, something remarkable happened: your calls and emails persuaded 149 Representatives to vote against Bush's demand for $163 billion more to occupy Iraq for another year, and we won the vote in the House 149-141!

What's most amazing is that only 46 Representatives voted against Iraq occupation funds in January. So in just 4 months, we picked up 103 votes!

Clearly Congress is hearing from the overwhelming 68% majority of Americans who want our troops home within 6 months. All 435 Representatives are up for re-election in November, and they know they will lose their jobs if the anti-war majority gets organized.

While we lost the vote in the Senate by 70-26, the House will vote again next week. And if the House stands firm by voting no, Bush will have to bring our troops safely home.

Next week's House vote will be much harder to win, because the Republicans who voted "present" are likely to vote yes. So we need 69 more no votes on top of May's 149 no votes to reach a decisive majority of 218.

To get 69 more no votes, we need to spend this week and next flooding Congress with our emails and calls. This will be our last chance to end the occupation in 2008, so we must get everyone we can possibly reach to email or call their Representative.

1. Sign our new petition and send it to as many friends as you possibly can:

2. Check the Roll Call to see if your Representative voted Yes (for occupation funding), No (against occupation funding), or Present (to embarass Democrats):
(To find your House Representative's name and direct dial, enter your address on the right side of http://usalone.com)
Then call your Rep directly (or use the switchboard 202-224-3121) with the appropriate message:
- No votes: Thank you for voting no on May 15 against $163 billion to occupy Iraq. Please stand firm when the House votes again next week.
- Yes or Present votes: I am one of the 68% of Americans who want to bring our troops safely home from Iraq in 2008. I am o utraged that you want to give Bush $163 billion to occupy Iraq for another year. I urge you to vote no next week, or I will do everything I can to defeat you in November.

3. Congress is home this week, so call the local district office of your Representative
to find out when (s)he will be in the office so you can personally urge a no vote. Also ask where (s)he will make public appearances this week so you can bring friends and signs urging your Representative by name to vote against $163 billion more to occupy Iraq.

Please report the results of your calls here:

Thanks for all you do!"

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End the war!

Bring our people home! This is CFR war let them fight it. Let defense CEO's fight it. Let those who reap profits from it fight it. Bring the pawns home.
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