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A Message from A Beltway Libertarian

Hello everyone,

Austin Petersen here, formerly of from NYC Ron Paul Meetup, writing to you from the Belly of the Beast in the D.C. Beltway!

As some of you are aware I am the Volunteer Coordinator at the Libertarian National Committee, and I have been tasked with rallying volunteers to help the Libertarian Party achieve ballot access in certain states. New York, Illinois, South Dakota, Connecticut, Alabama, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts needs help.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with putting Libertarians on the ballot, please go to http://www.lp.org/action/volunteer.shtml
and register. I will receive the form and get you in touch with the local State Chair

As a fellow Ron Paul supporter, I am fully behind your efforts to continue supporting Paul all the way to the convention. However, when the delegates override the Paul supporters votes and nominate McCain, there will only be one person that could have high enough polling numbers to be included in the debates. That is Bob Barr. Bob Barr has changed quite a lot of his views to become a true Libertarian. Of particular interest at the convention was his apology for DOMA and his pledge to fight until it is repealed. Barr's story since he
has left Congress is one of redemption, and I would match his purely
Libertarian activism of the last two years (such as lobbying for the
Marijuana Policy Project, or with the ACLU against the Patriot Act)
against anyone's, including my own. Yes, people are going to wonder why
we made such a man our nominee, and it's a story I am looking forward to
telling the people. I hope you'll be listening with an open mind.

Also consider that we just stuck a big fat stick of dynamite up the
Neocon McCains tailpipe. I hope you will help me light it.

Please volunteer with me: Austin Petersen
Volunteer Coordinator - Libertarian National Committee

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excellent, thanks for posting that





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