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Ron Paul Beats Barack Obama!!! (In Idaho)

Diary Entry by Ferdinand Imagine what would have happened without a media blackout of his campaign..


DEM Hillary Clinton 16,119 38%
DEM Keith Russell Judd 734 2%
DEM Barack Obama 23,988 56%
DEM None of the names shown 2,041 5%

REP John McCain 87,367 70%
REP Ron Paul 29,749 24%
REP None of the names shown 7,781 6%

Interesting. Very interesting.

Do you really think the old, crazy, lifelong tax-eater really got over 87k votes in a non-contested primary? Or are the stats being padded to help the fool's numbers seem strong(er)?

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There are

3077 counties in the country. Is it possible they are all ordering more ballots than they have voters?

Fantastic news

Thanks for that. Here in Josephine Co., Or. Dr. Ron Paul received 15% of the vote. On many trips from Cave Junction to Grants Pass or Medford, I never saw 1 McCain sign. On the day of the Primary, I saw 3 Hillary signs and 2 Obama signs. Most of our smaller signs (not our 4'x8') were taken down or stolen, but still many remained. The fear of a Ron Paul sign is telling. The GOP machine is corrupt and deceitful and they think they will survive. Two people from our meet-up group wanted to witness the vote count and video tape it - they were told by Georgette Brown, County Clerk that they had picked one Democrat and one Republican to witness the count and that Josephine County was an honest county!!!!!!!! At our recent picnic in Grants Pass one gentleman has documents that the County orders 59,000 ballots when we only have 50,000 voters - they refuse to account for the 9,000 extra ballots. Is this happening elsewhere? Thanks for posting the above news.


Democrats: Caucus
Republicans: Primary

Can people stop saying he beat them already?

How about I chase you around and second the notion?

I am VERY proud of what we did here in Idaho, but really what the numbers show is that there are a couple of thousand Democrats in Idaho who have NO CLUE how the political process works in this state. The Dems picked Obama in February at their caucus. There were some state run-offs for the November elections that were meaningful votes, but it is not accurate to look at these numbers to guage Obama's support. Entertaining, uplifting, but not really statistics I would quote... C'mon - 24% is pretty dang good!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.