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GOOD article: from Liberty Maven- Ron Paul Divider or Uniter?


The Ron Paul presidential campaign started its sky high trajectory about one year ago. Much has happened since then. A few major fund raising “money bombs”, countless rallies, several magical debate moments, and how can anyone forget the Ron Paul Blimp? The true believer grassroots supporters have lived and breathed all Ron Paul for the past year.

Now that the realization has dawned that Ron Paul will not be on the ballot in November what are they to do? Who will they support? Ron Paul is a unique icon of anti-establishment truth. There is unlikely to be a candidate like him ever again. Sure there may be a candidate who jumps on his coat tails and rides along in an attempt to get monumental support, but Ron Paul supporters can smell faux candidates a mile away. Even if they couldn’t, many are so married to Ron Paul that they may be blinded by their adoration of him. For me, before there was Ron Paul there was Harry Browne. Browne was the Libertarian nominee for President in 1996 and 2000. He introduced my young mind to liberty. He made me a libertarian. Ron Paul’s message of 2008 was Harry Browne’s message of 1996 and 2000.



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I liked this article until

I liked this article until the Bob Barr spiel. I liked the part about us smelling faux candidates a mile away. Ha!!!

yes, I liked that part

yes, I liked that part too...

I was a little annoyed at the Bob Barr stuff too at first, but I think the blogger made some good points... he's not going to win, and even though he's not as principled as Ron Paul in his voting record, he's obviously going to campaign on our same platform.... so, we might as well encourage and hope that more people hear it to help set us up for the Ron Paul 2012 run.... haha ; )