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I don't know if anyone has Tivo but,

At about 7:26 pm EST on 5/28/08 CNN "Lou Dobbs" Threw Ron's name out there. I had just turned on to see if I could get some info on the presidents press secretary book thing. I can only assume he got talkin about immigration and as he finished, in his ending statement he said, something like, presidential candidate, congressman Ron Paul is the "ONLY" one that has acknowledged it and spoken about it. It was cool :-P FYI

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Yeah, I saw it

Dobbs was doing a piece on the "Nafta Superhighway". I think he mentioned Dr. Paul as a dig against others in the MSM and the politicians (he mentioned Obama and Bush by name) who say that it is a conspiracy, and have accused Dobbs of making up the story. It was weird to watch.

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