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Glenn Beck says: "who's the smart guy from Texas? Gov. Bill Richardson?"

What a bunch of JACK ASSES

Stein is an ASS too since he knew who Ron Paul is but decided to play stupid!

As a person who believes in God his documentary was stupid and makes people who believe in God look stupid and was about proving something he calls "intelligent design" not God.

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I do not watch T.v. nor

I do not watch T.V. nor listen to the radio. I only watch Ron Paul or Peter Shiff here on the net.

Still wondering

About Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs "independence" from the MSM. Sometimes they make me cheer, other times I want to wretch.

Lou Dobbs mentioned Ron Paul tonight! As the only one in congress who sees the NAU coming .. good for him. I'll give Glenn a pass until I see further evidence.

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"
Paul Valery

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"
Paul Valery

The last time

Glenn tryed to recall Ron's name,,,,He only managed,,,,,,whats his face ! Glenns a tool!!!!

Popularity is a KEY note....

And Ron Paul is NOT popular...he is radical change Kryptonite....

These two, Beck and Stien, first and foremost wish to stay popular. They smell the trouble they are in if they join an unpopular cause....

Now, remember this. Remember WHO is our friends and who is not. Why? Because when the tide turns and the Revolution and Ron Paul is Popular, it will be these guys who jump on the popularizing bandwagon. They are "fairweather friends"....

The weather did not turn in our direction in New Hampshire and South Carolina, it went McCains way....but his days are as numbered as Bush's days are.

Here is the key, politically. We need a Charismatic Popularizer much like Ronald Reagan was....and we need him by 2012 to counter the Obama machine. By 2012, Obama will have sold out the peace movement that is behind him, he will have sold out to the statist corporate democrats, he will be just like the Clintons, insiders who weld NationState power for "humanitarian good". Those who want "change" will find nothing has changed. Those who still support Obama will wonder if change will come his 2nd term. But we will sell the Revolution again and we will sell Change --- I have seen every presidential election since Nixon gained office and its ALWAYS about "change" and the voters always vote FOR change -- JUST be dam vague about it and let the Voters "Fill in the Blank" on what change they will get.

3....THREE... 3 Three seems to be the magic voter number for change. Ron Paul or anyone can argue for 20 changes, but come election it will be reduced to just 3 changes.... Come winning the Presidency, you get ONE change only if you play your political cards right in the first 9 months (honeymoon period), after that your other 2 changes will have to wait until after you get your second term.

So, what 3 changes do we want in the Revolution? I know we have many. But may I suggest that ONLY 1 is of significance? Abolishing the 16th amendment. Ending the Income tax with nothing. That one change gives birth to so many other positive changes--just think about it.


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Stein looks like he MIGHT

Stein looks like he MIGHT have honestly forgotten... but Glenn Beck is either a moron or more likely, did that on purpose.... I mean, he's only interviewed Ron Paul like what, 4 or 5 times? He's talked about him plenty more....


My God, if Glenn Beck is supposed to be a source of information and can't even keep such simple facts straight then he needs to be fired. However, I don't think it's possible for Glenn Beck to be that dumb, which leaves me with the conclusion that he was purposely trying to avoid Ron Paul's name and play dumb. In fact, he founded desperately afraid once Stein said"that congressman from Texas." You could tell Beck was praying Stein wouldn't remember.


Stein is fairly old--he

Stein is fairly old--he probably just couldn't pull up the name. I say he's innocent. He probably just wasn't caffeinated yet.

In Beck's case? No. He deliberately inserted "Richardson" hoping Ron's name would not pop up.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I don't think it was intentional...

It looked more like a senior moment to me. Personally, I've walked into a room before, and forgotten what I was going into the room to do. Cut the idiot Ben a little slack. At least he mentioned him in a positive light.

Well, if you believe that

Well, if you believe that media is controlled along with many or most of our politicians, maybe these guys need to make these slips whenever they mention RP. Ben Stein said he was drawing a blank, couldn't think of RP's name, then he said Ron Paul. So basically he called Ron Paul a smart guy with very good ideas. I think that overall it was a positive mention of him, despite the small slight.


I agree with you

100%. Peace

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