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Gary E. Johnson in 2012?

I'll admit this is not very well researched, but I want to throw it up against the wall to see if it would stick.

As much as i'm not giving up Ron Paul in 2008...we need to consider where to take our revolution. I sincerely doubt Dr. Paul will make another run in 2012, since he'll be 77 years old and well deserving of some time off.

Will Gary E. Johnson be the man to pick up the torch? He has some pretty good credentials. He's a businessman first, he ran a construction business and ran it well in the 1980's.

He came out of relative obscurity to win the New Mexico governor's office in 1994, running as a GOP but with a serious libertarian streak. He served 2 terms as governor, and only left because term limits prevented him from running again.

He is a well known critic of the drug war, basically believes that it is far more destructive to illegalize drugs than the social damage they cause. He's certainly no druggie though...won't even drink coffee. He's as healthy as Dr. Paul, and at 55 runs triathalons and even climbed Mt. Everest.

One handicap I can see immediately is he doesn't have Carol, he was married, but got divorced and she passed away shortly after.

What are your thoughts...i'm sure if we pushed Gary Johnson to take the torch, he would accept it.

Oh yeah...and i'm sure it goes without saying, that he strongly endorsed Ron Paul's presidential run.

President Gary Johnson...we don't have much luck with presidents named Johnson...but third time's the charm!

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Valid Ticket

I believe that the ticket needs to be a ticket that the media has to take seriously. A Governor/Senator (congressman if Senator not possible) or a Senator (not congressman)/Governor ticket would work the best.

I don't really think a Boxing Manager (Charles Jay) and a Constrction worker (Tom Knapp)ticket is going to get any media attention. A Baptist Minister/talk show host (Chuck Baldwin) and a small town attorney (Darrell Castle) ticket wont work either. And out of 465 Congressmen a Congressman/Televison Producer (i've never heard of) ticket is not a strong ticket either. The problem is is that these third parties are so small and pick the weakest tickets that could possibly be picked. The problem is is that we are trying to put a roof on top of a house that has not been built yet. We need to come together and get a strong ticket to run, Governor/Senator, Senator/Governor.

Again, we should build a foundation before we try and put on a roof. Being a minister is good but a misister is good but you are never going to go from minister to president. You need to climb the political steps like everyone else. You need to focus your presedential energy on making it to congress or even senate. Once you have that you are harder to ignore, you are stronger too. It is easier for the media to ignore a ministe than a Senator.

There are three parties, maybe four, that really just need to join into the Libertarian Group, sorry if your parties name is not Libertarian. Libertarian is a well known name. The Boston Tea party broke off from the Libertarian party because of a teeny tiny dispute. If the republican or democrat party did that then there would be no Republican/democrat party. If you believe in a smaller gov't then focus on one man not 3 or four. (the fourth party in the Frank McEnulty party.) I would like to know if Charles Jay, Bob Barr, Frank McEnulty and Chuck Baldwin would be running if Ron Paul were running. If the answer is no then why not let one man run. United we stand, divided we fall, if we cannot stand together with our one or two differences then we will fall to a Democrat or a Republican. Who do you agree more with Bob Barr/Chuck Baldwin/Charles Jay or Frank McEnulty or Obama/McCain?

Last of all, Chuck Baldwin, Charles Jay, Bob Barr, Tom Knapp, Frank McEnulty, Wayne Root, and Darrell Castle need to run for Congress or Senate. They need to be able to support themselves so that the Libertarian or Constituitoon or Boston Tea Party candidate can use all the money he can get to run. The money needs to be strictly for the Presidential candidate not for the congress races or senate races. No matter who it is than runs for the Ron Paul Ideals we need to support him. If we don't, we fail.


of who gets selected for the presidential hopeful, if we don't "plow the ground" at the local, county, state, and federal gov't levels between now and then, it will be a repeat performance of what we saw this year.

Hoping for a "hole-in-one" every 4 years is not the way to go about this.
We must entrench ourselves into the structure first, to pave the way.
The groundwork is the job for the "unsung heroes" who make the route possible.
That way, WE are in the positions to make the rules, and call the shots, so we don't get "aced-out" by the entrenched neocons.

We MUST take the ground between now and then, so that our candidate has a shot.

Gary E. Johnson

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I've been thinking the same thing!

He appears to be a guy that could get pro-freedom ,limited government advocates another voice in the GOP....

Ron Paul'08

I met Gary briefly ....

After his speech here in Scottsdale to an anti-tax crowd. He speeks well, with strength and passion. I must have been very impressed because after his speech (and those of several others) I met him and shook his hand. I was surprised to find I was a bit taller than him...which tells me his stature just grew and grew as he spoke. He shows lots of promise and has "Gravitus" .. ( I hope I spelled that right)

Two thumbs up for former Govenor Gary Johnson....It would be a good thing if Ron Paul named him as his VP choice. Good for the movement, good for Gary, and good for us.


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But good effort, though.

And echo echo on the Iron Man!

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Wonder why

he didn't accept the 2004 Libertarian presidential run? Wonder if he has something in his background that he doesn't want to go public with? I don't know him, so that is simply a wonder, no accusation. Otherwise, he looks pretty good on wikipedia.

From what I read

He formed an exploratory commitee to judge his chances at getting the LP nomination, and they didn't get positive results.

I'm not sure if they didn't think he could get the nomination, or didn't think he could make a dent in the presidential run. He doesn't strike me as someone who'll run just to make a statement, he's in it to win.


What’s his view on currency? Most of our problems come from banker fraud.

--Cliff, Sioux City, Iowa

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Good Question, That's THE Critical Issue

And what's his view on world government, foreign intervention, etc.

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Gary Johnson would be a good

Gary Johnson would be a good choice, but I am a little biased since I live in NM.

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I can't think of a better endorsement, coming from someone who actually lived in his state. I wish I could say the same about any politician in Commiefornia...

"Basically I'm in the idea business — whether it's a musical idea or a spoken idea ... If you wind up with a political system that wants to put idea men out of business, then you have worry on your hands."

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Ron Paul

Only Ron Paul understands and votes for freedom and liberty. Go Ron Paul.

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Only Paul in 2008

Ron Paul won't be there for us forever...I agree, i'll vote for Dr. Paul if I have to write it on the ballot with a crayon, but i'm asking about 2012 and beyond.

Rand Paul.

I won't consider anyone else.

I dunno

As much as I like Rand...he has limited experience in politics. I'll fall in right behind him if he's running, but I don't think he'll run in 2012.

More like Big Fat Johnson in

More like Big Fat Johnson in the citizen's anus' until the whole empire collapses in on itself. This nation is just filled with total morons.


It's got electrolites...it's what America needs