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Village shopkeeper threatened with arrest

Village shopkeeper threatened with arrest for tipping off customers about traffic wardens

Vanessa Allen
Daily Mail
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For village shopkeeper Alma Floyd a warning to her customers about 'over-zealous' traffic officials was all part of the service.

If she spotted Police Community Support Officers ticketing cars outside her family-run dairy she alerted shoppers so they could avoid them.

But now the helpful Mrs Floyd, 60, has been threatened with arrest if she continues to help her customers to avoid parking tickets.


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It is no longer, "The customer is always right."

Those days have passed. And likewise, the police are no longer there to protect YOU. They are there to fine you and control you. They don't act that way because they think they will get in trouble from their boss if found out. They act that way because they know that is expected.