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Is it time for "The People's Congress"?

I have had this idea brewing in my mind for a few days now, and before I tax my brain cells any further I thought I would launch it into the DPsphere and see what kind of reaction it gets. It's not really anything I have much time to work on (I'm still working on askwhatif.org in my spare time along with campaigning as a write-in for county central committee). Anyhow, here goes...

What do you think about forming an internet based organization that mimics Congress as it was laid out by the Founding Fathers? Each state would have a number of Representatives and two Senators elected via online polls, with the number of Representatives based on population blocks of 30k people as originally outlined in Article 1, Section 2.3 of the Constitution (guess what year that was repealed...1913). This means there would be about 6000 Representatives at our current population level.

The membership should require signing an oath online to strictly follow the Constitution at all times. Otherwise, no restrictions should be placed on party affiliation. In fact, the whole thing could be explicitly non-partisan.

The purposes and goals of the organization could be many:

1. To vote on actual bills and then review how closely Congress's decisions reflect the will of the people.
2. To propose The People's ideas for new legislation, repeals of existing legislation, and amendments to the Constitution.
3. To provide a training ground for those who want to get their feet wet in politics - a sort of "minor leagues" to borrow some sports terminology.
4. To gauge public sentiment for upcoming legislation, and then make recommendations to Congress based on this information (similar to what DownsizeDC.org does).
5. To educate the masses on how the legislative branch works, including children.
6. To draw new people into politics who might otherwise not get involved.

I'm sure there would be many other beneficial aspects of doing this, and I can't really think of any negatives, other than the fairly large amount of organization that would be required (okay, I'll admit it could be a HUGE undertaking). I did look up the URL "ThePeoplesCongress.org" and it's not taken.


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