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Defining Life at Conception: Montana Bill sponsored by the Constitution Party

While I am sure this will be a controversial topic, i think it's an important one nonetheless. Now, i do not believe personally in legalizing abortion. The Montana CP has sponsored a bill to this effect.



However, pro-choice groups are claiming that the bill, as written, would effectively outlaw birth control.


If that's the case, it seems like a very bad idea, for a whole host of reasons.

Does defining life at conception mean using birth control would be the equivalent of murder?

I am not an expert on the subject, but I would like to know people's thoughts.

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to answer your question....

to answer your question.... while I'm not sure I personally believe in contraception, if it's preventing the sperm and egg from ever coming in contact/conception from ever taking place, then I don't think this legislation could be applied to that... and once we get into that it gets a little tricky to argue against anyways.... With contraceptives the opportunity for the process of life to even begin is denied.... so, there likely is room for personal choice to use such products... there's a difference with abortion, where the process of life is already underway and an abortion ends it.

it's sad we have to have

it's sad we have to have legislation "defining" that life begins at conception. Of course it begins at conception... that's when the process of life begins. I don't know why people try to argue this.... I suppose you could have an opinion as to whether or not a fetus is a person with rights, but I'd say, hey, it's part of the natural process of life, therefore it is life, therefore that life should be respected/have rights/be protected.

I mean, no one in their right mind says that the process of life doesn't start until birth. I mean, remember all the sex education videos and classes.... It generally starts off with something like "Cells are the building blocks of life... the process of life begins with sexual intercourse when a sperm cell connects with an egg cell... this fusion is called conception."

This is scientific fact... it's annoying that some people try to turn around and say it's not just because it goes against their argument/for political reasons...

No it wouldn't affect most contraception

any type of contraception that keep sperm from uniting with the egg would not be affected. So condoms, spermicidal gels, the patch, sponges, and IUD's wouldn't be affected. the only thing I can see being affected would be the morning after pill, because it makes the body dump a newly formed zygote.

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