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Media Campaign Against Ron Paul Continues

Next in line after the New York Times, the Washington Post continues the mainstream media’s shrill smear campaign against Ron Paul in an article entitled [b]Ron Paul's Campaign Is a Family Business, FEC Reports Show[/b]

The mischaracterization begins right in the first sentence:

By Matthew Mosk
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 27, 2008; Page A03

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has built a national following largely by preaching an isolationist foreign policy.

Isolationism is a “loaded word” and the article fails to clarify the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism:

Non-interventionism is a foreign policy which holds that political rulers should avoid alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial self-defense.

Isolationism is non-interventionism combined with economic nationalism (protectionism). Some non-interventionists are not isolationists. America’s founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, favored non-interventionism combined with free trade and free cultural exchange.

What is the origin of this common misunderstanding? Quite possibly John McCain, who famously claimed in a Presidential debate that the type of isolationism allegedly advocated by Ron Paul is what brought Hitler (!) to power:


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All I can say is

that Ron Paul is still a force to be reckoned with.

If not they would have given up their efforts long time ago.

Go Ron Paul!!