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The Bus Fare - Revisited

What does Fishy want?

It is as simple as that.

If Fishy were not so confused, as she has been since I've known her, things would have never progressed to this point. But, now we are here and Fishy continues to be confused.

We do know Fishy wanted:
1) Money by helping to progress the plans of other people's deaths (9-11 victims, clean-up crews of 9-11 victims, soldiers)
2) Pushpinder's sympathy and love by whining that Mouse slaps her face
3) Her, and Froggy's, rape victims - me and my minor son - dead

Fishy got 2 out of 3 so far.

You may ask yourself:

How can people like Fishy live with themselves? They use dope to live in denial and in a delusion where killing and rape are okay; along with, extra-marital activity with someone else who is as corrupt as they are. Pushpinder is someone Fishy can relate to while trying to make me jealous. Unfortunately, only Mouse got jealous.

In any event, Froggy and Fishy continue to victimize me and my minor son with daily harassment, daily video surveillance (rape), and financially burdening me as much as bribe money can buy. So, I do what I can in my Froggy and Fishy controlled environment.

To put other citizen's life at risk by sending them to an unnecessary battlefield in another country out of frustration at their own nation's broken system is irresponsible and calloused toward the citizens who would have to be sacrificed; unless you are willing to sacrifice your own life. I would expect elected government officials to share this view.

To overthrow ones government often times takes civil disorder and an aggressive militia force. If there is a need for war at home, then so be it. The United States fought one civil war and I'm sure enough citizens would be more than willing to fight another if this were necessary.

This is where problem solving skills should kick in.

1. Identify the problem: War and death for money and love. The Double Wad War.

2. Break down the problem: What does Fishy want? She got 2 out of 3 so far.

3. Solution to the problem: Kill me and my minor son. 3 out of 3

Fishy needs to make-up her mind because soldiers die daily in her confusion. Either way people will die.

Froggy and Fishy are expert killers, rapists, stalkers, and harassers. You can even classify them as serial killers who have killed three or more times. Also, you can classify them as serial rapists who have raped three or more times.

Anyway, control freaks need constant control of their victims.

The New Charlie Manson Clan. Drugs, Sex, and Psychos.
Dopeheads mood-swing and manipulate
Psychos kill, rape, stalk, harass. The top mental health issues.
Froggy, Fishy, Sociopath, and Mouse are both.

Charlie Manson loves the swastika too. Dacca, Bangladesh was like Daccau, Germany where Hitler killed Jews.

Charlie Manson controlled and manipulated others with drugs. The cynical PedoHag's adult children/minions that constantly harass me and my minor son where I live are controlled with dope by Froggy, Fishy, Sociopath, and Mouse. The environment is violent and hostile with mood-swinging and rapist activity going on daily. Froggy, Fishy, Sociopath, and Mouse are extremely aggressive.

It's Just Little Ole Me - Underdog!

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