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Profits, profiteering, Rush, Free Enterprise, Corporations, Elites, Etc.

Rush was saying how horrible it is that Obama and now McCain are speaking against large profits made by CEOs and Corporations.

I am hearing of the huge profits of gasoline companies with our prices out of control.

I know our position is leave business alone to make whatever profits and the market will regulate it.

But our markets are "controlled" so they are phony and cannot regulate anything. I think what gold and silver are doing right now points in that direction.

I'd like to clear this up with some good Ron Paul logic and I would like to know how we can hold the gasoline companies responsible for making huge, huge profits while we are going down in flames.

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It's a phoney market

The real root of the problem is not OPEC, or ExxonMobil and the likes....the real root of the problem is the market manipulation by the futures trading goliaths, such a Goldman Sachs............(ugh, the Banks again!). They are allowed to keep posting up futures prices in unregulated amounts with no intention on taking delivery - and that, my friends, should be illegal. I have nothing against hedging your supplies for future cost control, but to throw paper wager upon paper wager, knowing you are not going to take delivery is pure speculation with intent to manipulate a market. And to make matters worse, the big banks can write big old phoney checks to drive the market in the direction they have placed their bets. It's incredible that this is allowed, but it is for the same reasons...........some of the profits are "donated" to the Republican and Democrat National Parties.

alan laney

I think the problem is the dollar and its drop.

Maybe what you are explaining is also the case. There must be law broken in this situation that we can go for-class action suit. It is hard to believe we are so helpless in the grip of this economy. Starting with throwing the book at the NAU group who gathered in Waco in 2005. That secret stuff needs to be confronted and the dominoe effect needs to take place from there. Seems so cut and dried to me, in some cases.

Yeah right

Blame traders. That's ridiculous.

I was a trader for 3 years. I would put up bids and size below the market without any intention of actually buying, just so I could push up the bid to make a sale. This is just the way trading works. Everyone is trying to manipulate each other. It's a poker game. Goldman Sachs traders can be outsmarted, just like anyone else.


It appears you may still be a traitor after all... But hey... I guess it's just "a poker game"... Unfortunately, in this case the chips are human beings...

Oil companies

always charge that price that they think will bring in the most profit. That's never going to change, and never should. The reason the oil refiners have made a lot more profit lately is due to the fact that they bought crude at a low price from crude producers (they have a long term contract price), like OPEC, and those crude producers didn't anticipate the increase in consumer demand. If OPEC would have accurately forecast consumer demand, they would have charged a higher price to the refiners for the crude which would have lowered profits of U.S. oil refiners and increased profits to OPEC.

There's nothing sinister going on. This is just the market working.

Leave the oil companies alone.

Predatory Capitalism...also known as CAFTA - NAFTA - OPEC

Now were beginning to see our FOOD become the next munipulated commodity. Will you "free marketeers" ( as if there were such as thing ) still defend this crap when your families are subject to this ?

If there is one single evil we face in the immediate future it is starvation and or social stagnation due to predatory capitalism and it's manifestation on our society.

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Oh, there is something sinister going on ok

The demand is not up. As a matter of fact, the price is "suppose" to come down very soon because demand is DOWN. The dollar is down. Markets are being manipulated and it is not just the open market functioning. The rich are getting richer and the middle class is getting fleased. The poor are being forced onto government rolls. This forces government engorgement.


is definitely up, or at least it has been going up. If demand raises prices so high that profits in the overall economy start coming down, then of course demand will come back down.

Prove that the "markets are being manipulated."

I see it like this

It's a situation that can't be solved without some immediate, intermediate measures. The petroleum companies have become as large as they have and monopolize the market because that's the way our current laws are written. If we removed those laws that make it impossible for smaller companies to compete, they wouldn't be able to in the immediate term because all the giants would have to do is drop their prices and absorb a cut in profits until the little guys went out of business. Then, with no regulation in place, they'd gouge even more out of our pockets.

So...in the interim...we'd need to protect the little guys. BUT....

The only way to solve the problem in a truly free market is to NOT BUY ANY OF THE GLOBALIST CORPORATIONS PRODUCTS.

That's it. It's that simple. So...when a little guy springs up in your town, even if his products cost twice as much...buy them from him/her. Do you want your neighbors to do business with you? Do you wnat to keep your hard earned money here, helping Americans....helping your neighbors? Then spend it here. No more excuses...no more whining about 'it's too expensive'.

The ultimate cost of buying the cheapest all the time is catching up with us. We've lost so many manufacturing jobs and so much capability to other countries...so many skilled, hard working, proud Americans are out of work, homeless, in need. All because we're so F'ing cheap we need to save a buck or two and buy crap made elsewhere.

So...Ron Paul logic in this case....buy local...buy from the little guy. Kill the global monsters that have been gutting our country for over a century by denying them their lifeblood...our hard earned wealth.


Conoco, Phillips? Who else. I do buy the cheapest gasoline, only makes sense to me to reward the person with the cheapest. But like you said, if it is the globalists, we defeat our purpose.

But why aren't they considered to be price gouging when they make such huge profits and the prices are so high? I know gouging is in time of disaster, but this is pretty much disaster. It seems it would be unlawful to make such huge profits. I guess the only way is to buy American. But even the American companies are members of OPEC? So, is it self defeating buying American and still letting huge corporations make all the profit. Many of our elites are Americans. As far as some small local guy opening a gasoline station, how would one be able to tell that? They don't advertise, "I'm local." Besides, they buy their gasoline from the conglomerates. I understand the local idea in other areas besides gasoline. Most important thing for us to do right now is stop driving as much as possible, I guess. Continue to become more self sufficient. Find a farmer to support.


need some discussion here.