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RON PAUL BLOWOUT SALE!!! GREAT DEAL ON ALL RON PAUL STUFF... Continue to plague your neighborhood with signs, stickers, buttons

End of Primary Season Blowout until June 3rd

Participate in the Ron Paul Store Bomb! Send us your t-shirt size and we'll send you a collection of Ron Paul campaign merchandise for only $25.00 (including shipping). The collection will consist of a t-shirt and other merchandise such as buttons, stickers, mouse pads, key chains, magnets, hats, wristbands and more!

Place your orders before the last primaries on June 3rd at


Ron Paul 2008 Store

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This looks vaguely familiar to

the exact same thing I posted already! (see http://www.dailypaul.com/node/50391)

But WTH, I'll bump this one. get your grab bag! Mine shipped out on the 27th, I can't wait to see what sorts of goodies are in it.




it's really a great deal.

it's really a great deal. You get a lot of stuff for only $25... I bought a shirt a couple of months ago, and that alone was $25.