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Bob Barr Endorsed Ron Paul on Dec 10th, 2007

From Libertymaven.com

Bob Barr endorsed Ron Paul to become the Libertarian Party’s nominee if he failed in becoming the GOP nominee. He did this by proposing a resolution while on the Libertarian National Committee on December 10th, 2007. Predictably, Ron Paul was quick to issue a press release stating that he was not interested in the nomination and reaffirmed his support for the Republican Party’s nomination process.

Charleston, SC – In a meeting of the Libertarian National Committee held this weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, former Congressman Bob Barr proposed a resolution urging Congressman Ron Paul to seek the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

The resolution passed unanimously and is included below:

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party and Congressman Ron Paul share many common principles for liberty and prosperity in America, and

WHEREAS, Congressman Ron Paul is a member of the Libertarian Party in good standing, and

WHEREAS, Congressman Ron Paul was previously nominated by the delegates of the Libertarian National Convention to serve as the Libertarian Party’s 1988 presidential candidate, and

WHEREAS, Congressman Ron Paul, through the efforts of his current presidential campaign, has ignited a renewed passion for liberty across America, and

Read the rest at the Libertarian Party’s website.

I point this out to illustrate that Bob Barr has taken action on promoting Ron Paul’s message of freedom in the past, and is likely to do so as the LP nominee

Can read it in its entirety from here


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Do you honestly expect Paul to win if he doesn't convert anyone? There were too many people in favor of bombing, the Fed, the irs, the drug war... when Paul started talking about these things. He's out changing peoples minds and their views on the proper role of government.

Barr opened his eyes to the brutality of our government before Paul got into the race. That's why he started working with MPP on drug war issues, with ACLU and other groups to oppose the Patriot Act.

If Barr wasn't sincere about these issues he would have been sitting in his home in Georgia, drinking sweet tea, and not have lifted a finger.

Paul won't be on the ballot in any states in November. Paul missed his chance to continue the libertarian revolution that swelled up around his campaign. The Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr will be on the ballot in all fifty states. You choice is to continue the libertarian Revolution. The revolution Ron Paul has always said wasn't not his, but ours.

I'm still helping Ron Paul when I can, but my focus is shifting to continue this so McCain and Obama have a continue to deal with the libertarians through November and beyond.


I like Barr

less and less with every one of these ridiculous posts. Go start a Daily Barr or something. Bob Barr voted for the Patriot Act and supported the war on drugs until when? Last year? Oh, NOW he's against the war on drugs ... I guess he saw the light and did a 180 on these 2 issues last year..... Not very Paulish. Sorry if I'm skeptical of a middle-aged man spending years watching people go to prison only for what they do to themselves, then within a few years of leaving office the guy basically becomes best friends with the Marijuana Policy Project. Maybe he's a good man and I'm full of it, but this knowledge combined with the recent behavior of his supporters trying to steer people away from the mission that brought us all here, within days of Dr. and Rand asking us to keep it up (planning for the July march, the Sept convention, spreading the message). I plan on writing in Ron Paul or not voting if that's not an option in my state. Those plans could change depending on how this all shakes out, but I doubt it.

"I killed the banks"

Good post

Ron Paul 2008!

I got this resolution in the mail

And signed it immediately. No surprises here.



I'm taking it you signed up for the bottom two :-)

While you are at it

you said you were going to send info to Michael about this site being under attack. The last 9/11 thread from just got deleated, so a small group is doing this over and over again against the rules set by the owner of this site. He may want to remedy that.

I have. You do the same. The

I have. You do the same. The more he hears about bedr1, Mt1034, BillyDee and a few others the better.

The truth hurts

The truth hurts

You must be in pain then

You made the comment that "Root never said Paul was weak on the war on terror" The exact quote from Root is when talking about Dr.Paul " I think he's a little weak on the war on terror" All of your posts and comments seem to have 2 objectives. One is to promote Bob CIA Barr. The other is to cause division amongst the Ron Paul supporters.

cha-ching!! And these noobs

cha-ching!! And these noobs don't even get that with the more spam they bring, the deeper the hole is they dig for themselves LOL!!!

No No

Listen to it again - he said a little weak on defense

No, he said both. Listen to

No, he said both. Listen to the audio and you will very clearly hear him saying he takes exception to him because "I think he's a little weak on the War on Terror".

In other words, Root supports the War on Terror, and doesn't like Paul's libertarian position on it.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Root is a complete idiot

I said so before he was elected.

I said the only two sane candidates running for the LP nod where Mary Ruwart and Bob Barr.

I am not sure why the LP nominated root for VP, Kubby would have been better. But hey, Root had been campaigning all year and was leading the race to get nominated as the LP Presidential pick, when Barr came in.

Root would have been a terrible LP candidate for them.

However, I still like Barr and I think he is going to get the votes of lots and lots of Republicans and Libertarians and Bob Barr is not Root.

And I still think that Chuck Baldwin is going nowhere, but I hope that Dr. Ron Paul wins the Republican Nomination.

You are a liar bedr1!!!

the exact quote word for word was. " I think he's a little weak on the war on terror." You need to listen to it again. That is an exact quote. That is an exact quote. I dont know how else to phrase it to you. Maybe in spanish. Eso es una cita exacta

Actually he said both, I missed the second one

At 4:20 he says Paul is a little weak on defense, then later he says on Terror.

The post I was referring to said check the 4:20 mark and at that point its says defense. I missed the second remark later rehashed by Root, my bad.

I don't like Root anyway

can anyone say backpedal :)

can anyone say backpedal :)