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Allarms are Going Off!! ARE YOU AWAKE? Are You Scared Yet??

Alarms are going off !

Are you scared yet?

Fear is the most powerful weapon of all, worse than all the nukes, threats of terrorism or disease!

The use of this weapon has been fine tuned by the News Media and Government. With a little gesture of a example to the masses can and does make usually active people stop and think, "This could happen to me" I better keep still for a while.

This is exactly what this culture has been conditioned to do. Where has all the testostorone gone? Where is all the indignation and outright fury of the people of this country? We have been conditioned to sit back and wait and see for the safety of our homes, children, possessions and even religion..

Someone else will do it .....That is the mentality of today.

You know " Turn the other cheek" ! "Forgive them that oppress you" ! "Don't stick your neck out" ! Be politically correct ! Don't be a racist ! Never say certain words ! Hide your real feelings as they are unpatriotic ! Protect yourself ! To hell with the neighbors let them take care of themselves. It won't happen here !!!!!

Friends let me tell you it is happening here. You may consider yourself a activist, patriot, fighter but.... if you don't stand up and let your awareness be known you are part of the problem. Just sitting behind a computer screen and posting messages is not going to stop the onslaught.


You have to lose the fear and replace it with outrage, fury, indignation and let people know what you know. Otherwise what good does the knowledge do?

As for myself I would hate to die and not have taken the chance to say what I truly believe to be the truth. To leave without making a mark on the calendar of life, to answer to my God as to what have I done to improve this world? What have I done to help my Country? What have I done to protect my religious beliefs?

I think of the Christians in the Lions dens. This is the same thing only without the Lions, we have the NeoCons and false leaders which we have to face up to. Liars, Scum, Deviates and all sort of humanity which has been subverted by Evil.

The only answer is to stand up. Stop being afraid, what is going to happen if we don't will be far worse than if we stand together and face these people face to face. They will stand down, they are cowards and have the Bully mentality. Confront them and without their mantra of superiority they crumple like used toilet paper.

What has brought on this rant by a old lady that has very little power or influence? Last night I was listening to the "Midnight Rider" Radio show. Mike Herzog was on telling about his daughters abduction by the immigration services. She has been a legal American for years, came from Scottland, was breaking no laws but... her Dad has his own Revolutionary Radio Show. The story is long, unreal, 19 years old and thrown into a Fed. Prison institution on a immigration violation which does not exist. Moved from one place to the other with no care for her safety, the horror of her parents knowing they have no way of comforting this child, no way of protecting her from the criminal element in prison. Can you even imagine the devestation this family is feeling now? That is the way this government terrorizes citizens. That is the FEAR TACTIC at work. With the denial of justice what can be done?

There are people willing to stand up and speak out, attorneys, real ones with a fire in their belly for justice again. Yes there are some. The problem, costs, the government has stiffled most of the legitimate attorneys with such high costs of litigation it is not reasonable for ordinary people. We have no real justice unless you fight on their terms. That means money. The attorneys are not charging for their services but have to abide by the court costs.

Stand up folks, send Mike money, help him fight as he is fighting for all of us and our children as well as his own daughter.His voice will not be shut down. Even with this devestation in his life he will not stop. This is a patriot willing to put his own life and possessions on the line to protect our freedoms. There are very few people willing to step out front and take the hits from the powerful people who do not want to lose their power or riches. Mike needs to get this child out of prison, he has said he will get her and the other children and wife out of the country. This will take money. He has very little left, being a patriot does not pay well. Trust me I know. I started this mission out with a pretty secure future, money in the bank, good retirement, nice home, decent clothes, cars and even a Motor Home. Now I have no money in the bank, no retirement fund left and haven't bought any new clothes in a few years. My husband works 14 to 18 hours a day to support us and this mission. I am not complaining, I am stating fact. I know the problems of speaking out. There are very few rewards. I am 70 years old and feel there is very little anyone can do to hurt me, if they do they will only have a short time to terrorize me anyway, I can take that. With the state of my health I have very little time to continue but the time I do have left will not be spent in hiding, cowering and afraid. I was born a Free Woman, in a FREE COUNTRY and will continue to strive to make it that way again.

Don't ever underestimate the power of a politically incorrect pissed off old lady.

I know how hard money is to come by right now and it will get worse but the value of your dollar right now will dwindle to nothing. Spend it while it is still worth a little. Don't go to Wendys or Burger King, save those dollars and feed your family a decent meal without all the additives which keep us all sick and mentally disabled. Turn off the TV, talk to your family, make plans on how to survive and what you will do in case of ?????

Denial is terrible, it makes people helpless in desperate situations.


Another Granny wrote this:

Talk Show Hosts D'Anne Burley & Michael Herzog continue to be targeted and need our help now. What is the reward for speaking out against the ongoing corruption in government? Your life and your family's lives are put in jeopardy, you are "blackballed" in your community, you are made to fear for the safety of your family, legal fees and, in the case of D'Anne Burley, medical bills keep accruing. Contrary to belief, Patriot Radio Talk Show hosts do not get paid. D'Anne and Michael need our support NOW. Please Donate today. Send a PayPal donation to D'Anne at danne.burley@gmail.com

Where are the Patriots out there? Why aren't they uniting and helping each other? We can't just do "our own thing" anymore. The egos have to be put aside. We only have a chance to win if we stand together. This is much bigger than Ron Paul and we may not even have an election this year. A noted Patriot Radio Host recently said, "It's like we're rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." speaking about the path we're currently on. It's time to think "outside" the Ron Paul box and get ourselves together.

The Hosts on RBN, TNR, GCN and WTPRN are our first line of defense. We can't afford to see them "targeted" and taken down one by one.


We are grateful for those of you that are supporting the Revolution Freedom Festival in SD. It is really growing with some amazing people. We will have one great speaker after the other with some special guests that are not listed as we want to have some surprizes left in the bag. We still need support, we need your money ! Pretty blunt but I don't know of any other way to put it so it is understood. This Festival will make history. A gathering of Activists giving them the tools they need to both survive and continue the fight, plus a time of leisure and fun with their family. We have to all savor these times as the end is near and we will all have to make the decision of whether to give in and take the yoke of slavery and oppression or stand and fight to remain a Free People.

To donate go to the website, look at all the programs and speakers: There is a paypal link on the site and I will appreciate your using it today. Even a small amount will help us pay for the costs of this Festival and help organize the activists into a group that works together for the good of all.


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This line is great...

"Don't ever underestimate the power of a politically incorrect pissed off old lady."

Go granny go!

I kinda feel

the older generation allowed this mess to happen and (we) need to get it back in order before we go. We do have less to lose by sticking our necks out.

I'm awake!

Wish I could help.Am a truck driver/owner operator.Am barely able to pay my bills at home,much less fuel prices.You are in my thoughts and prayers and I try to wake up people at any opportunity.May God bless

Makes ya think huh?

Makes ya think huh?

GREAT post

TY kittyc : )



thank You

From the lack of response you can tell this is a den of those that say, nothing is going to happen.... I guess people do not realize that Ron Paul can't do this alone.

Granny Warrior

Granny Warrior