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FLDS update: Texas Supreme Court lets ruling stand to return sect children to parents

Article here: www.sltrib.com/news/ci_9417661?source=rss
Thank God! Now, let's hope these children get reunited with their parents.

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sect + compound = propaganda

sect + compound = propaganda
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some better news - a huge start!

Kids coming back...with strings attached

Excerpts from an AP article today 5/30: Texas, polygamous reach tentative deal on kids --

SAN ANGELO, Texas (AP) — Texas child welfare authorities will start returning children who were seized from a West Texas polygamist sect beginning Monday, according to a tentative agreement released in court Friday.

A draft agreement released by Texas Child Protective Services attorney Gary Banks says the parents can get their children back after showing identifications and pledging to take parenting classes and remain in Texas.


Walther may still put restrictions on where the parents could live, for example, once the children are returned.

how about some blowback for the judge?

i just called the judge barbara walther's office and spoke with the clerk.
i told her that the judge ought to step down for what she has done.

how about some more calls to this judge?

Ron Paul is My President



Ron Paul is My President

Judge Barbra Walthers should

Judge Barbra Walthers should be fire now!


Our next concern

is what is CPS going to do under the radar once these children are returned? Will their "parenting guidelines" require other unrealistic horrors?

I also understand it is only the children who's parents petitioned the Supreme Court will get their children back.

What about the rest?

Children are resilient and will recover, however, my next concern is did they vaccinate these children? Texas loves Big Pharma!

great news

The sooner these families get control of their own life the better. Ive read all the comments below and find a few things interesting. I think their might be a few people in our country that need to pull their heads out of the sand. How easy it is to point the finger at others. You do know when you point there are always three fingers pointing back at you. Judge not lest ye be judged. To use the word evolution in a discussion about a society is both ignorant and foolhardy. You say that other societies must come up to your level on the evolution ladder. This my friend is an elitist statment. It assumes that you are the top wrung of the ladder and at the same time convicts yourself. See if I take your example to its conclusion then this means society is constantly changing and evolving. So there will come a time when another society will evolve a little faster than your (or basicly claim to be better than yours) then you will be convicted of being strange and out of the mainstream. See this is why democratic societies are so evil. Once you have the mob you rule for a time until someone else comes along and convences (evolves) the mob that you are now the stranger and now the great evil. See evolution in society is a lie. Mothers today are no diffrent than mothers from any other time period. Fathers are no diffrent today than any other time period. It's the mob thinking that changes. If the mob thinking becomes iradic and splintered into to many diffrent directions then people don't know what to do to be part of the mob. The mob becomes hard to find but its there. so people resort to finding smaller mobs for their security thus forming factions. There factions will always search for the mass mob to futher gain greater ecceptance and power. see this is not an evolution this is tribe mentality. Its called survival. Now think what if you could get an elite group of people together to agree on how the mob should go and you could harnise the mob and manipulate them and use them to destroy all those who oppose your elite rule. See this is not evolution this has been going on since the beginning of time. This is what Ron Paul means when he says tyranny is ancient.

As far as the deamonizing multiple marrage and child brides. I keep hearing people say "for a young girl to be married to a boy here age is on thing but to someone in their 50's is somthing diffrent". Well then you turn around and say if this 50 year old man married this girl that would be abuse not love. So hear is my question. What is giving you the hardest time the fact that an older man can love someone younger than themselves? The fact that if the older man having sex with a younger girl is rape while at the same time most of this nation when they were young went out to every club they could get into so they could score. Sorry but I do not see age as having anything to do with this. Rape is rape. When one person is forced to have sex that is rape. Rape always has force involed. and their are people in our society that go out pay for someone to use force on them. thats right they pay money for s&m sessions. If you say well they talked these girls into having sex. They used their more mature mind to trick the girls into bed or they used their power (authority)of pursuasion on them. UUHHHHH have any of you been watching the children of our great evolved society. Middle school kids are having parties with alcohol and drugs at them and they are having orgies. Yeah thats right having sex with muliple people No marriage takes place just plain old harlotry. Middle school children are in their early teens. Nobody tricks them they want to do it. They sneak out of their houses to do it. They lie to their parents to do it. Maybe we are in denial. Maybe we don't want to realize that in our great evolved society these young girls are actually not children but young leadies. Thats right they are now women and we don't want to let go of our little girls. See we see kids as possessions. These people see their children as people who will grow up when God says they are grown up. They respect their children wheather they are young or older. Sorry but your great evolutions lie is blown to bits by the fact that these girls have started producing eggs inside their womb. If your evolution theory was right wouldn't the eggs start being produced at a latter age. I had three daughters and I'm here to tell you it took every bit of energy me and my wife had to hold our daughters back from running out into this big old world. The more we held them the more they felt the need to fight us. See we fight nature. Non of us know when a person is ready to grow up. But God puts something in them that draws them so hard that even mother and father must be turned into the enemy if this need is not met. One thing I noticed about these people. They are not divided over this subject. They love their children and respect there choices as an adult while we supress our children and enslave them to our opinions even after becomeing an adult. Now who sounds more evolved. Take out all of the garbage of evolution and world systems and phyco babble (basicly all lies to begin with) and you start to see that our wrung is lower than most of you claim. It's all a illusion. What most people are hating when they look at these people is themselves. I had only one goal in mind with my daughters. That was to hold them back till they found out who they were first. Then to find somone that person that person could get along with so they could have a happy life. And geuss what all you evolutionist. they all found it at diffrent times and one has not even went out looking yet and she is 22. Another one went out pretty early but I love all my children no matter what. I would suggest not fighting God and the order he has put on this earth. It just makes you a unhappy person. Thats my 2 cents. Peace!

"sect" ???

i agree...that word is NOT necessary.
it's a cheap shot - at what?

Ron Paul is My President


tamtamfreedom, why did you have to add "sect" into the title of your post?

The actual article is named, "Texas Supreme Court: Return FLDS children to parents."

How would you like it if someone referred to your beliefs as a sect? That's one of the main problems with this case, ignorant people dehumanizing the FLDS because they are misunderstood or different.

Its my understanding,

In reference to the legal operatives as a whole and their performance. Most judges do not like too step on others toes normally. It appears in my opinion, on my limited knowledge, that the SC erred on not decisively ruling on the issues, rather sent it back too the lower court to re-group... Continued vocal notice on this action should not rest. I myself believe the current status is plainly a direct reflection of said notice and support.
Unfortunately. I would say 1)Get out of their corrupt jurisdiction. 2)Address the legalities later. I hope and look forward too their best.

What you believe too be true, is true too you... :-)

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

Well put summary.

Well put summary.

Thanks for feedback and yes, continued, writing, calling, is needed.

Many of us here, and over the blogsphere, plan to still voice our concerns and fighting for liberty, freedom and the constitution--yes, even for those 'weird' ones.

It is not over, by far, by any means.

And, how easily do we forget---the State of Texas law enforcement SWAT teams were positioned in the rocks with machine guns pointed.

Had any mom or dad raise one finger to rescue their kids from being kidnapped---the State of TX would have shot them down, murdering them in cold blood.

RE: "SWAT teams were positioned in the rocks with machine guns"

I came into this whole saga late-in-the-game because I was lied-to about them SUPPOSEDLY collecting welfare. Therefore, I had no sympathy. Therefore, I'm still behind on all the news, etc.

Does anyone have a backing-story about "SWAT teams were positioned in the rocks with machine guns pointed"?

All of these revelations are just killing me.


Polk County, Florida



Yes, sniper SWAT teams were

Yes, sniper SWAT teams were used, you can see pictures of them in this video:


At time 0:50

At time 0:50


On this site, I had researched, discovered, written, and blogged an original article exposing the Texas Supreme Court’s bias because of their “Permanent Child Protection Commission. ”

The SC tasked its ‘commission’ to physically go and ‘help’ Judge Walters on the local level–from the outset of the raid.

“How?” I reasoned, would the justices find the appeals court errored–when doing so, would mean that the SC’s commission errored, as well. Many suggested the SC would order some sort of ‘compromise’–to give each side a little (appellate court & Walters) without entirely stepping on either’s toes.

Well, it seems the SC may have just done that. It should be noted–that ‘abuse of discretion’ is simply a legal term–as much as the some media want to inflame it—claiming a ’smashing’ defeat for CPS/Walthers. It is legalese wording. I am sure her ego is terribly bruised; however, it is not of any real consequence to her–especially considering the wide open road the SC has given Walthers to continue with ’service plans’ and ‘orders.’ Each woman–Walthers, and CPS head Meisner, will give much lip service to the ‘reuniting’ while each works deviously to slow the process, as hard as they can.

To address the lip service:

First, the below quote appeared in the media, and was attributed to Marleigh Meisner. Meisner is the queen propaganda spokesmouth used to fuel the State, district judge Walthers’, and CPS’ abusive actions toward the FLDS children and families. Her quote is also on the TDFPS/CPS for the whole world to see. We do well to remember, this is the woman who, at her own admission, was involved in the mass murders done to children in WACO, as well.

Meisner states:

‘We are disappointed, but we understand and respect the court’s decision and will take immediate steps to comply. Child Protective Services has one purpose in this case - to protect the children. Our goal is to reunite families whenever we can do so and make sure the children will be safe. We will continue to prepare for the prompt and orderly reunification of these children with their families. We also will work with the district court to ensure the safety of the children and that all of our actions conform with the decision of the Texas Supreme Court.’

Read her quote carefully. Then, read this 2nd to the last paragraph of the TX Supreme Court’s decision today:

Here’s the SC’s compromise:

”While the district court must vacate the current temporary custody orders as directed by the court of appeals, it need not do so without granting other appropriate relief to protect the children, as the mothers involved in this proceeding concede in response to the Department’s motion for emergency relief. The court of appeals’ decision does not conclude the SAPCR proceedings.”

Essentially, the SC puts the ball back into district judge Walthers’ court —to do as she pleases ordering ‘other appropriaate relief to protect the children’ in the way of SAPCR orders (court orders on custody/parentage, etc.) And, especially, the Supreme Court particularly traps those mothers who ‘concede’–’admit’–likely being those who signed the coerced CPS ‘Plans’ –admitting they were abusive by clauses contained therein.

The best positive from the SC’s decision is it nearly forces Walthers to deal with each family individually. However, the bad news is the SC turned the whole ‘vacate the order’ over to Walthers, again,—but, qualifying that by telling her she can use other ‘appropriate protective’ measures.

So, when Walthers abuses her discretion on multiple counts (as 2 higher courts have now deemed–sort of)–what makes anyone think she will not NOT continue to abuse her discretion?

Which brings me back to Marleigh Meisner’s quote above. Yes, read it closely. She/CPS fully intend to work with the ‘district court’ (Walthers) to be sure that ”all of our actions conform with the decision of the Texas Supreme Court”—especially the one on the SAPCR proceedings…on which the court is allowing Walthers and CPS to proceed.

Appeal to US Supreme Court Anyway

I think your reasoning is sound, by ruling in favor of the Appellate Court, the Supreme Court of Texas keeps the mess inside their state where they can control it.

Otherwise, the FLDS would have to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, where Texas may not have such a strangle hold on everything.

I think the FLDS should appeal the Texas Supreme Court decision anyway if they can, claiming they should not have to do anything in Walther's court until the state at least charges someone with something.

Ha! Great strategy. Wonder

Ha! Great strategy. Wonder if it would work?

U.S. Supreme Court

Yes, I'm thinking more and more that you are right about the Texas Supreme Court merely wanting to maintain control.

As such, the FLDS should appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court - that all their kids should be returned immediately and unconditionally and a new non-religious judge be appointed. For the Texas Supreme Court to let Walther continue to handle the case, after legally finding that her decisions were wrong, is an absolute injustice.

This would do two things;

1. Take the case out of Texas, away from obvious bias, Texas control, and Texas influence.

2. Make the case even more important and public and draw further attention to Texas' illegal raid.

Allow me to add to the

Allow me to add to the above.

In the Austin appellate court's decision, I see no such language about allowing CPS/Walthers to continue with their 'service' plans or SAPCR proceedings/orders.

That, also shows me that the SC today, inserted this language, for a reason, and not a good one.

With the two rulings against

With the two rulings against her, Walther is definitely bias. If I were one of the FLDS familys, now would be a good time for me to request another judge.

I don't think a 'reversal'

I don't think a 'reversal' of Walther's order is grounds to recuse.

If it were, as someone else pointed out, there would be no judges left in the courts ha. Judges decision are reversed all the time.

Somewhat makes sense...however, the magnitude of CPS'/Walther's error (465 kids), and the insanity and gross atrocity, must factor in somewhere you would think.

Preemptive Challenge

That's too bad, because you can usually disqualify a judge for any reason, before they even hear your case, even if you just feel that they have a bias against you.

It's a matter of filing a single simple Preemptive Challenge form before your case starts. I definitely would have filed one against Walther by default - you can't trust anyone that is trying to take your kids.

Perhaps some FLDS attorneys

Perhaps some FLDS attorneys will try, if it gets any more fouled up.

I hope so.

Dang, mefleabyte

See, this was my concern, and why I posted the "Work with" comment below. Just what does CPS retain jurisdiction or authority to do?

I was so enjoying dancing my jig.

Yes, fan, I caught your

Yes, fan, I caught your concern below in 'work with.'

Well, you ask authority to do what?...just about anything they may cook up to from 'can't find parents'...to both 'must give DNA (in fact, that was mandated in CPS services plans mothers signed already). They may say...oh, you won't name the father, so, no DNA, well too bad for you." Also, these 'service plans' had that mothers would have to find appropriate housing (away from ranch is what CPS means). I think employment was mandated too. I don't recall what else.

Only Walthers/CPS will have to do it ...on an individual case basis.

She will only be limited by time frame and manpower shortages to get her dirty word done (of which there aren't any real time frames to return the kids).

Especially, since the SC has written in that Walthers could continue with her proceedings against these families.

reckon there will be lots

reckon there will be lots more to the texas big show.

Well, it's a start.

Well, it's a start.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore