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AIPAC, the Religious Right and American Foreign Policy

"Most citizens are unaware of the startling fact that for years our U.S. Middle East policy has not been crafted by seasoned experts who are committed to America's basic national interests." --Paul Findley, U.S. Republican Congressman, (1961-83)

“Thank God we have AIPAC, the greatest supporter and friend we have in the whole world,” --Ehud Olmert, Israel’s Prime Minister
"Either I make policy on the Middle East or AIPAC makes policy on the Middle East." --Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter administration National Security Advisor

Nobody can understand what's going on politically in the United States without being aware that a political coalition of major pro-Likud groups, pro-Israel neoconservative intellectuals and Christian Zionists is exerting a tremendously powerful influence on the American government and its policies.

Over time, this large pro-Israel Lobby, spearheaded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has extended its comprehensive grasp over large segments of the U.S. government, including the vice president's office, the Pentagon and the State Department, besides controlling the legislative apparatus of Congress. It is being assisted in this task by powerful allies in the two main political parties, in major corporate media and by some richly financed so-called "think-tanks," such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, or the Washington Institute for Near East Policy .

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You are the master

at finding out amazing information lastmovement. You need to start a national newspaper. I think it would do great!! Keep up the great work.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I totally agree.

Our country in my opinon is ran from Tel Aviv by proxy. But it is a topic that few are willing to discuss do to being labled an anti-semite. Critcism of the state of Israel in our backwords world somehow makes you anti-semetic. But there is no doubt that the Iraq war and the Upcoming war on Iran are being spear headed by Zionist pro-likud groups. Here are just some of the names that made the case for war in Iraq.
Wolfowitz,Wurmser,Feith,Frum.Liebowtiz,Perle,Fleisher,Kristol,Podhoretz etc
All of these people are Pro-likud Zionist and many of them were signitories of the Project for a New American Century.But there are also many people of Jewish Faith that opposes this war and Zionism in general. Norman Finklestein, Noam Chomsky and many others. So it is not anti-semetic to bring this point up. Although it will be perceived by many as being just that.