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NV Republicans to Resume State Convention

According to a press release sent out Friday, Nevada Republicans will finally attempt to form a quorum required to complete convention business on June 28 in Reno. This attempt has an interesting twist, though; the Nevada Republican Party isn't organizing it.

“The State Party has really left us with no other option,” said Wayne Terhune, a local Republican activist who made the turn-key convention offer to the Party. “We feel the Nevada delegates deserve the chance to have their voices heard and finish this Convention process. The State Party has not followed through with their promises to reconvene, and it has been over five weeks. The Party kept telling us they would reconvene, first in a week, then in two weeks, then in June, and then maybe July. But there doesn’t appear to be any real plans to reconvene, and the delegates have a right to get together and complete the Convention.”

The Nevada State Republican Convention was abruptly recessed on the evening of April 26th. National delegates had been selected from Congressional Districts 1 and 3, and votes were still being counted from Congressional District 2. National at-large delegates had not been selected when the Convention was recessed. The Nevada State GOP has indicated they are working on a venue but have yet to schedule the Convention, despite having five weeks to do so.

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Help Nevada Delegates come out of Recess on June 28

Please help the Nevada Republican Delegates bring their convention out of recess on June 28.

Here's a few ways that you can help:
1. Call and write to the media.
2. Tell your family and friends in/near Nevada
3. Make YouTube videos
4. Be creative and help spread the message in your own way.

Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to all the media sources in Nevada. Please feel free to quote it or write your own:

To Whom it May Concern:
A group of Republican delegates in the state of Nevada are gathering to try to achieve a quorum on June 28, 2008 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno to finish the business of our convention that was recessed on April 26.

If we can achieve a quorum of 675 credentialed delegates, then we will be legally and fairly able to conduct all convention business-including the election of national delegates and passing resolutions.

Please do a story (or stories) on the matter so that ALL delegates are informed in advance and can make proper travel arrangements.

Full-text of the Press Release:


Nevada Republican Convention to come out of recess June 28!

Released June 5, 2008:

RENO, NV, 6/5/08--- Nevada Republican delegates have decided to bring the Nevada State Republican Convention out of recess on June 28 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, with or without the sanction of Party leadership. All it will take for business to be legal is for a simple majority of credentialed delegates, which is 675 people, to be present.

If a quorum is present, all business can and will be conducted, including the selection of national delegates and passing resolutions. All business will be conducted fairly, which is why we need your help to inform ALL Republican delegates in the State of Nevada.

"This isn't about one candidate versus another," said Pat Kerby, a Nevada State delegate from Nye County. "This is about credentialed Nevada State delegates getting together to form a quorum and finish the business of the State Convention."

The Republican activists putting on the meeting on June 28 are all credentialed state delegates from the State Convention on April 26th, and are inviting every credentialed state delegate to come and have their voice heard on June 28th. There are delegates who support different candidates for president working on this, and we want to extend the invitation to EVERY Republican delegate in the State.

"We intend to do this right," said Wayne Terhune. "Everyone will have a fair chance at this [...] We think our chances of getting a quorum are excellent, because so many Republicans want to get this process completed. This is our chance to get this done right."

Some of the reasons that the delegates behind June 28 are still moving forward toward achieving quorum on June 28 instead of accepting the recently announced July 26th include:

1. July 26 is too late. This is the last possible weekend before the August 1st cut-off. The date is so late that it does not allow reasonable time for the delegates to the National Convention to schedule flights and accommodations.

Airfare is going up in price daily.

2. If there are any problems with a July 26 convention, the delegates would not have any time to redress grievances. This date is so late that there is no margin for error.

3. Party leadership had shown an interest in finishing the business by the end of June. June 28 is the last Saturday in June, so I do not understand why the Party does not want to participate in attempting to achieve a quorum on June 28. Remember, if we achieve quorum, it will be legal and proper for us to conduct business-including the election of national delegates and passing resolutions at the Grand Sierra Resort on June 28. Please make sure that this is fair by announcing the event to ALL delegates as soon as possible.

4. If anything did go wrong (for instance if the convention was recessed again) then the State GOP leadership may still attempt a mail in ballot, which they may have been secretly pushing for all along.
(See Senator Bob Beers, chairman of the convention stating "In my opinion, if Congressman Paul does not agree to a deal, then the only alternative is to have an election, and quite frankly, I think the only feasible way to do that is by mail." -4:37-4:47 http://youtube.com/watch?v=bRT5J_wcE_M The party still has not made an official/public statement on the matter, and many delegates worry that Party leadership may support a deal instead of an election or some sort of mail-in convention...either of which would rob the delegates of the opportunity to conduct the business of THEIR convention in a fair and transparent manor.)

5. The date of July 26 is three months from the original convention. This is RIDICULOUS. Many delegates, myself included, feel that we deserve closure to a meeting that was supposed to conduct all of it's business on April 26, 2008. In order to finish the business properly, I feel that we must have a physical and fair meeting of the delegates as soon as possible.

Therefore, we have decided to continue with our efforts to call the State Convention out of recess on June 28th. We believe we have an excellent chance of obtaining a quorum on this date. We have already been joined in our efforts by numerous Republicans who are not "Ron Paul people."

Remember, 752 credentialed delegates voted for the changes to rule 2.9 to allow nominations from the floor. Even if only those people show up, we will be well above the required quorum of 675 delegates.

We want this to be a fair convention, so we encourage all media sources to announce the event so that delegates of ALL candidates are able to make early arrangements to come to the convention on June 28th.

We want maximum participation, which is why the plans for coming out of recess on June 28 were first announced on May 30th.

All media sources are invited to attend.

Please help us get the word out by running a story (or stories) on the matter.

Thank you,
Credentialed Delegate in the State of Nevada

Please be polite and write to the media NOW:
Electric Nevada (Reno)

Elko Daily Free Press (Elko)

Ely Daily Times (Ely)
(775) 289-4491

Humboldt Sun, The (Winnemucca)

Lahontan Valley News and Fallon Eagle Standard (Fallon)
(775) 423-6041

Las Vegas Review-Journal (Las Vegas)

Las Vegas Sun (Las Vegas)
(702) 385-3111

Nevada Appeal (Carson City)
(800) 221-8013
(775) 882-2111

Nevada Legal News (Las Vegas)
(702) 382-2747

Nevada Legal Press (Las Vegas)

Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno)

Sparks Daily Tribune (Sparks)
(775) 358-8061

Beehive Standard Weekly (Las Vegas)

Colorado River Weekender (Laughlin)

The Record Courier (Minden / Gardnerville)

Reno News & Review (Reno)
(775) 324-4440

Broadcast news sources
KLAS (Las Vegas)
(702) 225-5888

KLVX (Reno)
702-799-1010 ext 5432

KNPB (Reno)

KNPR (Las Vegas)
866-895-KNPR - (702) 258-5633

KOLO (Reno)

NOTE: Please be sure to thank KRNV because they have done very complete, non-bias coverage of the issue.

KRNV (Reno):
(775) 322-4444
Joe Hart, Anchorman: jhart@krnv.com

KTVN (Reno)
(775) 861-4290

KUNR (Reno)
(775) 784-1867

KVVU (Henderson)

Great American Strike= April 15, 2008
Save our Economy and Promote Peace-join the strike!

yes, but...

Yes. State Party leadership has already stated that they do not intend to see the convention on June 28 as legitimate. However, according to the bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order, it will be completely legal and fair for us to conduct business as long as we have a quorum of at least 675 credentialed delegates present.

This is why it is so important that we get the word out.

Many delegates, self included, are worried that the reason that they picked July 26 is so that there could be some sort of last-minute problem that would cause a mail-in convention.

In my opinion, they want to use the idea that somehow June 28 would not be legitimate to scare people out of coming to our convention so that we don't achieve quorum and then they can do whatever they want on July 26 because it will be too late to make any type of appeal.

Remember, we only need 675 credentialed delegates to show up for it to be fair and legal. 752 delegates voted for the changes to rule 2.9 to allow for nominations from the floor in order for the convention to be more fair, so it is likely that we will achieve quorum on June 28.

Please stay posted for details.

Great American Strike= April 15, 2008
Save our Economy and Promote Peace-join the strike!


END OF JULY IS QUITE SIMPLE!!! They do not want the momentum of all our delegates going to National to get major press, thereby emboldening other state conventions to do the same...its all about momentum!!!

WE MUST GET THE DELEGATES TO GO TO THE JUNE 28 CONVENTION!!! This will be legal and binding if we have enough for a quorum, and they frickin know it.....PASS THE WORD ON TO EVERY MEETUP GROUP!!! KEEP THE PRESSURE UP!!!


Some real news. Non of the B word crap. This is the reason why I come here. For updates on the movement. Good to see this ball rolling.


Help Nevada delegates get their convention back!

Tell everyone that you know in Nevada so that we can quickly get the word out ot ALL delegates.


Great American Strike= April 15, 2008
Save our Economy and Promote Peace-join the strike!

Convention To Resume

AD in NV

Justice! All credentialed delegates please attend. Let's get a quorum and finish the business.

AD in NV


Here we go!