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Propaganda: Ron Paul Never said the Iraq war is "IMMORAL"?

This is a lie thats been circulating by socialist leftwingers, fake antiwar democrats and other Ron Paul haters for a while.

Ron Paul said it so many times and here he says it on video FOR THE RECORD !!!! He SAID ITS IMMORAL & ILLEGAL
Pls Forward to 04:25 in this recent interview

Those communists claim Ron Paul is only against the war because it wasnt declared by Congress and because its not economically feasible.
There are also tons of other videos where the Good Doctor talks about the Christian "Just war theory"
where he talks about this war being unjust and also in other occasions the Good Doc has openly spoken against the killing of innocent Iraqis who were dying since more than 15 years because of the economic sanctions that killed 100s of thousands of Iraqis.


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