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Ron Paul Interview on AntiWar Radio

Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul M.D. discusses the economic consequences of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the scars of PTSD and the administration's betrayal of wounded veterans, how nice it would be if the War Party had to clean up the DU, why the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq as soon as physically possible, the role of the Military-Industrial-Complex in determining foreign policy, the likelihood and possible consequences of war with Iran for our troops in Iraq, our economy, and our liberty, why all the tax money spent militarily "securing" recourses is being wasted due to a mistaken and outdated mercantilist understanding of economics, the failure of the Congressional Democrats to check the war powers of the president, why U.S. intervention on behalf of Israel is bad for us, bad for them and bad for their neighbors, America's deteriorating relationship with Russia and China and why the U.S. government should stay out of Darfur.
Listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DC69WlXTuM&NR=1

Also, hear Ben Stein and Glenn Beck try to mention Ron Paul, and not mention him at the same time, it's kinda funny, almost like they are afraid to speak his name!

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