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Regain Your Freedom To Vote: How to Write-In Anyone - Leave The Country! (Or Military Anywhere)

U.S. citizens living outside of the United States and Uniformed Services anywhere & their families are free to vote for whomever they want by write in (see form below).

Yes, that's right, incredible as it might sound, leave the country, say to Mexico, Canada, China, or even Iran, and you re-gain your freedom to vote!

Or, if you are in the Uniformed Services you and your family have the freedom to vote for whoever you want no matter where you are.

If you are unfortunate to live within one of the United States then you are likely highly restricted on whom you can vote for. Generally, if you live within one of the United States you may only vote for either the Republican or Democratic nominee, or a nominee of another party. In order to write in whom you want, the candidate usually needs to register ahead of time as a write-in, and must have not already participated in the Primaries under another party; with regard to state sore-loser laws.

However, if you live in Mexico, Canada, China, Iran, or any other other country except for the United States, you can vote for whomever you want for United States President by writing them in.

Or, if you are a member or family member of any of the Uniformed Services, then you are free to vote, regardless of where you are residing.

All you have to do is place your vote Federally.

Here's the form:


How to Qualify:


-a civilian residing outside the United States

Regardless of residence:

-a member of the Uniformed Services
-a Uniformed Services family member
-a member of the Merchant Marine
-a Merchant Marine family member

In some states the above can also vote by FAX:

And, if you request a ballot and don't receive one, you can vote online:

If this is as highly disturbing to you as it it to me, write your congressmen and state legislators and protest!

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Military & Family Members

Since Ron Paul was reported to have more active military contributions than all other candidates combined, I hope that at least they will take the time to use the above federal ballot to write in Ron Paul.

If Ron Paul gets a bunch of Federal write-in votes from active military, that would be news-worthy in and of itself - just like the military contribution news story.

If you know any active military, uniformed services, or people living outside the states, encourgage them and their families to use the above form to write in Ron Paul.

Uniformed Services/Military & their families do not need to be outside the country to use the above write in form and can be from any state.

A little man

Named Rove made it impossible of those using military installations as home of addresses ,or coming out of said installations, to get their absentee ballot count. There was a link to the video about caged votes but I cant find it. I would assume that could also go for votes here at home.

Current Law Linked Above

If you read the current law, any active military and their family can use the federal write in form, regardless of location. You don't need to be 'absent' nor outside the country. The address you use does not need to be a military installation, it can be your current home address or if you are outside the country, the last address in the states.

Do this

And put yourself in the same position as other expatriates. In other words they throw out the votes they don't agree with and tax you worse because they estimate what kind of foreign income you are making, rather than knowing as a fact.


I'm not actually suggesting that everyone leave the country to vote, I'm just pointing out how absurd it is that state law prevents and restricts citizens from voting for exactly who they want, while citizens living in Mexico have the right to vote federally for whoever they want.

Living here in Costa Rica has given us more then just...

freedom to vote ! Personal freedom and persuit of happiness is well and alive ( not perfect but healthy ). Many other benefits too...including duel citizenship ( with the USA & Spain citizens only ).

Discover Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica

So you don't have Democrats

So you don't have Democrats and Republicans with a strangle hold on Costa Rica?