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**High Tide** 4 Nevada & Texas State Conventions

These final conventions are the best way to get more influence at the RNC. We not only need to "Wake Up" as many people as possible, we need their help at the conventions. Do you think we can get a Chip-In for TX & NV to educate their population. Now since the NV convention is resuming I believe that the more citizens, delegate or not, that hear about Ron Paul will help all aspects in attaining more delegates.

We have 3 months to :Wake Up: the country.

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Where is Alpac lets get this

Where is Alpac lets get this thing rolling.


I say we chip in for a blanket 50 state coverage. I also feel this should continue to be aired on a constant basis for the next four years. Education is education, after the convention, if need be, remove any RP'08 references. Videos like this should be INCREASING, and play time should be INCREASING, where's the chip and the info for 'spot charges'.

RonPaul for the LONG HAUL!!!


wait... I'm confused....

wait... I'm confused.... if we donate, will we even be guaranteed to be able to show it? It seems to me the party is likely going to deny us permission.

I mean a statewide viewing

I mean a statewide viewing on TV, in the hope that more people will wake up, and introduce Ron Paul to delegates at the convention.

Forgot no one cares.

Forgot no one cares.