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who said this site was dying?

every so often i read a thread or comment by someone that thinks this site is dying...i can't tell. looks to be hopping here today, look at the online user list,,,its as big as i ve seen it in a while. i go to other forums , especially devon's of late as he has a good forum set up also. i always check my pulse at DP though everyday, sometimes i just stay here , because i cant help myself being fascinated with the intelligence and humor and good will and strength of people here. the more i learn about whats really happening in the world, the more helpless i feel at times, knowing im not alone helps me to keep going. (not gettin all weepy or anything here).just want to say no matter what our future brings, we can feel as though we were true patriots to the end and fought for our country, thats the best we can do .

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"This site is dying because

"This site is dying because of all the off-topic SPAM!" is the actual cry, usually from people who want anything not directly related to Ron's GOP candidacy censored.

The site's doing well instead.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


I thought the same thing after Ron Paul said he wouldn't run independent, and he was "winding down". The movement slowed down, there was no news and people stopped going to Dailypaul. But all of a sudden his book comes out, and he starts getting record high percentages, and it looks like the movements never been this strong!