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Any newis on MO convention?

I went from Arkansas last night to hear Dr. Paul at the rally. There was a nice picnic paid for by the campaign at a park and LOTS of RP supporters around the area. Everyone so friendly. A great program was put on, topped off by RP himself speaking for about an hour..he seemed at ease and rested, although he had had a hectic day. Then he had a reception line where he shook hands and signed books..then he met with prospective delegates, to the convention, today. Every one had lots of energy and excitement. It was a wonderful time. Wonder what went on at the convention?

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any videos from Ron Paul's AWESOME Speech ?
there were about 5 cameras all lined up in the center of the auditorium.....
youtube - links ?

Re: MO GOP Convention

The convention was a joke. There were a couple of hightlights, though. Most of our challenged delegates were seated and all of Dr. McGill's platform resolutions went down in flames. Unfortunately, no RP delegates were elected.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Sounds like a little good. I

Sounds like a little good. I was so proud of you guys, and the great rally that was held there..you all tried HARD and were in it to the end..wtg.