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Albuquerque Police officer attacks cameraman

"The police claim the photographer was told to go to a “media staging area.” Apparently oblivious that such restrictions on the First Amendment are not only illegal but a clear violation of the officer’s oath to defend The United States Constitution."


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Keep in mind the full story

Crime in Albuquerque is out of control. Liberal judges routinely let criminals and gang members back on the street. The press in Albuquerque is about as left wing as it comes, outside of San Fran., CA.

While I do not condone this officers behavior I certainly understand the pressure these guys are under every day dealing with horrendous gang violence, a liberal left wing local and state government, and virtually no pay for putting their lives on the line everyday.

I am sure these guys just "snap" dealing with these type of conditions.

I would never recommend any police officer work in ABQ. Many parts of the city are literally active war zones, of the third world type. And the press never want to report the truth on these matters.

Now up to a whopping 6


Here's the article about the

Here's the article about the incident at the news station's website:

Also the raw video:


Why has this only been 'Digg'ed 3 times

And I'm one of those three!?!


There is no way the people

There is no way the people of Albuquerque condone this sort of behavior by their officers. What that officer did was not only unprofessional - it was also criminal.

I sure hope that this officer is held to account for his actions.


Wow and Laugh

They don't like being watched, thats for sure.
... ... ...
Cops are walking time bombs.

One of 'em up the street from me use to come out 'n play with his kids every once 'n a while and when I walked past him you could feel the tension.

I think they hate their jobs.

The corruption is so bad

The corruption is so bad that the cops don't want to be filmed on anything. If that cop was doing his job then he shouldn't have a problem being filmed, unless he was uncover which was not the case. Can't wait to hear how the cops are going to spin this story.


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